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CMGT 245 Week 1 Individual: Protocols Lab

CMGT 245 Week 1 Individual: Protocols Lab PLDZ-9449
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CMGT 245 Week 1 Individual: Protocols Lab


Cyberspace and the Internet (the Web) are closely related. The term “Internet” refers to a series of protocols which represent actual methods of access and transfer of digital assets.

Most internet users are familiar with the protocol of HTTP and the multimedia part of the Web called the World Wide Web (WWW). Other protocols are included in the TCP/IP protocol suite. IT and Web specialists are aware of these other protocols and their uses. Knowledge of these protocols is important to recognizing risks in cyberspace.

This lab will employ one of these additional protocols and demonstrate the “reach” and scope of Cybersecurity and the Cyber Domain.

An internet-connected browser enabled device is required for this lab.

Complete the following:




    1. Research HTTP, TCP/IP, and FTP protocols and accurately describe each.



    1. Launch a browser and go to



    1. Sort on “Last Modified”





        • What is the date of the oldest file?







    1. Sort on the “NAME”





        • What is the name of the first file?



        • What is the “TITLE” found on the opened 103919.PDF image when viewed locally with Acrobat Reader?



        • Is the map of Southwest Florida?



        • What function does the FTP protocol do?



        • What authorization was required to access the 103929.PDF file?



        • What controls the use of this file?



        • How many miles/kilometers is the Server from you?



        • Is there a risk involved related to the ease of access to such files?








Write a 90- to 175-word Question and Answer paper using Microsoft® Word that addresses each of the questions.

Submit your assignment using the Assignment Files tab.


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