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BSHS 375 Week 1 Team - LT Charter

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BSHS 375 Week 1 Team – LT Charter


Submit the Learning Team Charter – only ONE should be submitted including all team member information.  This will serve as the guidelines for the LT over the next 5 weeks.  (See the Learning Team Charter tool-kit available in the Tasks section of Week 1)





    • How will weekly leaders be chosen?



    • How will assignments be divided?  For example, will the weekly leader assign sections or will members volunteer? When should members volunteer by?



    • What day of the week should the sections be completed and submitted to the weekly leader?



    • What happens if an assigned section is not submitted by the agreed day of the week?  For example, the assignment can be submitted withough the missing section completed.  (Grades will be adjusted for the non-participating team member with no consequence to the remaining team members who did complete their sections)



  • How is non-participation within the LT discussion handled?
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