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MBL 400 Week 2 Critiquing Apps

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MBL 400 Week 2 Critiquing Apps


The comic book store management would like you to base the app design off some popular apps that are currently available. They would like you to review design patterns and functionality of an app that you may use as your guide, and provide recommendations of how you would make it better. They asked that you email your critique so they can review the findings individually.

Select an app that runs on your smartphone.

Critique the experience of using that app or mobile website in terms of the following:




    • User interface



    • Interface with other outside apps



    • Type of functionality provided



    • Ease of use



    • Aesthetic design



    • Availability of push notifications



    • Integration with social media; such as Twitter, Facebook, and so on




Provide an overview of basic design patterns in apps and discuss how they affect users. Explain why patterns are important in the overall display. Explain the patterns seen in your selected app.

Include specific recommendations and justification for enhancements.

Choose one of the following deliverables to provide the above information:




    • A digital poster or infographic delivered as a PDF. You may use any Microsoft® Office product or free site such as Piktochart, Easel.ly, or Canva to create this item.





        • Review the Lynda.com® course, “Learning Infographic Design” for tips on creating infographics.







    • 10- to 12- slide presentation with appropriate graphics or screenshots and detailed speaker notes or narration.





        • Instructions on how to add audio to Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentations are found on the Microsoft® Office® Support site: Add or Delete Audio in Your PowerPoint Presentation.








Submit your critique to the Assignment Files tab.

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