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COM 295 Week 3 Apply: Selecting Sources of Research (2)

COM 295 Week 3 Apply: Selecting Sources of Research (2) PLDZ-9428
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COM 295 Week 3 Apply: Selecting Sources of Research (2)


Refer to the “Determining Data Quality” practice activity you completed in Connect®.

Complete the “Selecting Sources of Research” in Connect®.

Note: You have only 1 attempt available to complete assignments. Grades must be transferred manually to eCampus by your instructor. Don’t worry, this might happen after your due date.

Refer to the “Evaluating Data Quality” practice activity.


Imagine that you are a marketing specialist at a media company. Over the past few years, you have been researching how TV viewers use mobile phones and other devices while watching TV. You want to find out as much as you can about what other researchers, experts, and commentators say about trends in this area as you prepare a strategy brief for your executive team. Specifically, you want to know how TV viewers use mobile phones, tablets, and other mobile devices while watching sports events.


True/False: The first step you should take in developing your research-based report is identifying what decision makers want to accomplish.



True/False: The information you can access through business databases and other sources at your library is generally most reliable.


True/False: As you collect, analyze, and present data to others, you should provide all the relevant facts, even if they do not fit into convenient conclusions.



Who will your primary audience be for this business report?

decision makers within the company

low-level workers within the company

suppliers of the company

customers of the company


When you’re evaluating secondary research and how well it can be revised to address your specific business problem, you are considering its






If you were to use a report or guide that generally describes research about solving a particular issue, particularly one similar to the one you are encountering, you would be using  ____________.

scholarly journals

white papers

industry publications

business books


If you were looking for a research source that provides concise, easy to understand research, which of the following research sources would you be LEAST likely to use?

white papers

scholarly journals

external blogs

business periodicals


If, during your research, you were only interested in expert opinions on the topic, which of the following types of secondary sources would be LEAST helpful for you?

an industry report

a white paper

a wiki

a scholarly journal article


You can usually better assess the usefulness of ____________ than other secondary sources because of the many online reviews available.

external blogs

scholarly journals

industry publications

business books


A drawback of using online databases is that they

are not found in university libraries

take time to navigate

are more expensive than primary research

provide outdated information


To ensure the completeness of a business message once you’ve compiled your research and are preparing to deliver your message, you should be sure to

be specific

control paragraph length

avoid empty phrases

use action verbs



Which of the following is most likely to negatively influence readers’ perceptions of your credibility?

inaccurate statements

passive voice

generous white space

long paragraphs

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