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HRM 324 Week 5 Final Exam

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HRM 324 Week 5 Final Exam


Attached, you will find a multiple-choice final exam.  You can either highlight the correct response, record your response on a separate sheet of paper, but just make sure your answer selection is clear.  I do ask that you do not delete responses because this might change the numbering and I could inadvertently mark your response wrong.

Upon completion, submit through the assignment link.

If you have a question regarding the quiz, you can post them in the discussion area or send me a private message.


1)   These are the four core characteristics of the job characteristics theory.





    1. feedback, task variety, skill-variety, autonomy



    1. knowledge, skill identity, autonomy, feedback



    1. skill variety, task identity, autonomy, feedback



    1. skill identity, autonomy, task variety, feedback





2)   Passage of this Act requires compensation professionals to demonstrate that alleged discriminatory pay practices are a business necessity.





    1. Civil Rights Act of 1991



    1. Equal Pay Act of 1938



    1. Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938



    1. Davis-Bacon Act of 1931






3)   Which pay plan generally rewards employees for acquiring job-related competencies, knowledge, or skills rather than for demonstrating successful job performance?





    1. pay-for-knowledge



    1. incentive



    1. merit



    1. person-focused





4)   This is the systematic process for recognizing differences in the relative worth among a set of jobs and for establishing pay differentials accordingly.





    1. job analysis



    1. job content



    1. job evaluation



  1. job-relatedness
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