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HRM 324 Week 3 Frequently Asked Questions

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HRM 324 Week 3 Frequently Asked Questions



Each team member will develop a three questions that they, and what they have heard most of their fellow co-workers ask about the material presented in this week’s learning activities (i.e. indirect and direct compensation).  



You will then take these questions and develop a response explaining it to the employee. Your response must be at least 100 words but no more than 300 words for each response and supported with research. 



The Team Lead will only need to do one question, as well as put the document together. 



The only APA requirements are for your citations and references.  You want to prepare a document you would share with employees.  You make this a Word document, a brochure, a PowerPoint, a video, etc.  There is no restrictions.



To succeed at this assignment, the information must be…



(1) covered in our activities this week (i.e. chapters and library articles);



2) original – it is okay to use directly quoted material but it needs to support your work and not replace it;



3) you must provide a viable direct response to the question. Do not use broad statement and generalities. You need specifics.



4) the presentation of your work must be clean, professional, and have no mechanical or spelling errors. 



Sumbit your completed project to the assignment link.

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