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HRM 324 Week 3 Quiz

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HRM 324 Week 3 Quiz


Attached, you will find a multiple-choice quiz.  You can either highlight the correct response, record your response on a separate sheet of paper, but just make sure your answer selection is clear.  I do ask that you do not delete responses because this might change the numbering and I could inadvertently mark your response wrong.

Upon completion, submit through the assignment link.

If you have a question regarding the quiz, you can post them in the discussion area or send me a private message.







    • HRM 324 Week 3 Quiz





1.      Which of the following is true concerning merit pay programs?





    1. cost-of-living adjustments are considered merit increases



    1. are most popular with public sector employers



    1. accurate performance appraisals are key to effective programs



    1. appraisals are based on objective criteria only







    1. Management by objective is part of which type of performance appraisal system?





        1. goal-oriented system



        1. trait system



        1. behavioral observation scale



        1. behaviorally-anchored rating scale









3.      Which comparison system requires the rater to place a specific number of employees into groups that represent the entire range of performances?





    1. forced distribution



    1. hierarchical



    1. paired comparison



    1. the critical incident technique





4.    This performance appraisal system is highly defensible in court because it is based on actual observable job performance behaviors.





    1. behaviorally-anchored rating scales



    1. behavioral observation scales



    1. behavior-assessment rating scales



    1. behavior incident scales





5.    This type of behavioral performance appraisal system requires the employee and the supervisor to identify past performance behaviors and outcomes as either successful or unsuccessful.





    1. management by objective



    1. behavioral observation scales



    1. behaviorally anchored rating scales



  1. critical incident technique
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