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HRM 310 Week 5 Quiz

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HRM 310 Week 5 Quiz


Complete the Weekly Quiz: Complete the answer by downloading the quiz as a Word Document, highlight your answer by using the highlighter function or if that is not available then you can place an X by your answer choice.  You can also choose your answer by putting the correct letter (a, b, c, or d) next to the question itself.

Include your name and upload the completed Word Document to your assignment tab.




    1. Measurement and control occur at what stage in the change process?



    1. At the end



    1. Throughout



    1. At the beginning and at the end



    1. In the middle until everything is established



    1. Goals are best set at what level?



    1. Challenging yet attainable



    1. Lofty to inspire vision



    1. Low to encourage incremental progress



    1. Attainable so employees don’t fear they won’t meet expectations



    1. All of the following are change levers that Robert Simon suggests focusing on except:



    1. Interactive controls



    1. Diagnostic controls



    1. Alignment metrics



    1. Belief systems



    1. What is an example of an interactive control?



    1. Limits on spending authority at a managerial level



    1. Stated organizational values



    1. Sales data based on changed selling efforts



    1. Market intelligence data



    1. Which tool is a visual representation of the desired end states and the action paths that will get the organization there?



    1. DICE model



    1. Risk exposure calculator



    1. Strategy map



    1. Balanced scorecard



    1. What does the DICE framework acronym stand for?



    1. Duration, Initiative, Commitment, Effort



    1. Duration, Integrity, Commitment, Effort



    1. Durability, Initiative, Commitment, Effectiveness



    1. Durability, Integrity, Commitment, Effectiveness





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