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HRM 310 Week 4 Quiz

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HRM 310 Week 4 Quiz


Complete the Weekly Quiz: Complete the answer by downloading the quiz as a Word Document, highlight your answer by using the highlighter function or if that is not available then you can place an X by your answer choice.  You can also choose your answer by putting the correct letter (a, b, c, or d) next to the question itself.

Include your name and upload the completed Word Document to your assignment tab.




    1. Which of the following correlations between age and resistance to change is true?



    1. Age is negatively related to resistance



    1. Younger workers are more likely to accept change



    1. Younger and older workers respond to change in the same way



    1. Age is positively related to resistance



    1. When does a “doing first strategy” work best?



    1. When creativity, commitment, and communication are most essential



    1. When the situation is novel and confusing



    1. When data are clear and reliable



    1. When discipline can be established in routine processes



    1. What is a risk of acceptance of change?



    1. Having the change move too quickly



    1. The possibility of groupthink



    1. Accepting the wrong change for the organization



    1. People are in it for the wrong reasons



    1. Which of the following is not one of the four major goals of a communication plan?



    1. To brand the change project so people will like it



    1. To infuse a need for change into the organization



    1. To keep people informed



    1. To communicate impacts the change will have on each person



    1. Which is more effective at driving change: pull or push tactics?



    1. Push tactics are more effective because they can utilize reward-and-punishment power



    1. Agents should try to only use pull tactics because they appeal to higher-order purpose



    1. Neither push nor pull tactics are more effective than the other



    1. Both push and pull tactics are effective in their own way, but pull tactics tend to bring everything together under a larger vision



    1. What are Mintzberg and Westly’s generic approaches to change?



    1. Stop, look, listen



    1. Plan, ask, do



    1. Think, see, do



    1. Try, fail, try again





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