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HRM 310 Week 2 Quiz

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HRM 310 Week 2 Quiz


Complete the Weekly Quiz: Complete the answer by downloading the quiz as a Word Document, highlight your answer by using the highlighter function or if that is not available then you can place an X by your answer choice.  You can also choose your answer by putting the correct letter (a, b, c, or d) next to the question itself.

Include your name and upload the completed Word Document to your assignment tab.




    1. What is the main reason that change management programs often fail?



    1. Despite a shared awareness of the change vision, no one wants to change their routine



    1. There is confusion about why change is needed and what needs to change



    1. Employees hear too much information about the change and get bored



    1. The change program isn’t right for the organization



    1. What is responsibility diffusion?



    1. When there is sufficient responsibility to go around



    1. When responsibility is subdivided so granularly that it is difficult to return completed tasks to one cohesive final product



    1. When people feel stressed but no one is entirely sure what their responsibilities are



    1. When multiple people are involved and everyone stands by, assuming someone else will act



    1. Internal data that change leaders should consider include all of the following except:



    1. Customer retention and satisfaction



    1. Profitability



    1. Whether or not employees pick up litter around the office



    1. Strategic intentions of competitors



    1. What pitfalls listed below are not necessarily from a lack of self-awareness?



    1. Believing that your perspective is held by everyone



    1. Misconstruing cues and concerns as feedback rather than resistance



    1. Lacking nuanced understanding of why others may disagree or have concerns



    1. Running out of resources to adequately invest in the change project



    1. What factors determine organizational readiness for change?



    1. The number of organizational change projects done in the past



    1. Leadership commitment and member confidence in the leadership



    1. The amount of money available to incentivize employees to buy in



    1. The size of the organization



    1. How does existing culture impact organizational change efforts?



    1. Culture is generally supportive of organizational change



    1. Since change often flies in the face of culture, it is one of the biggest stumbling blocks of change



    1. Culture represents a more difficult barrier in poorly performing firms than successful firms



  1. Culture is simple to alter to new change projects
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