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HRM 310 Week 1 Quiz

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HRM 310 Week 1 Quiz


Complete the Week 1 Quiz. Complete the answer by downloading the quiz as a Word Document, highlight your answer by using the highlighter function or if that is not available then you can place an X by your answer choice.  You can also choose your answer by putting the correct letter (a, b, c, or d) next to the question itself.

Include your name and upload the completed Word Document to your assignment tab.




    1. What are the two distinct aspects of organizational change that must be addressed?



    1. Why and where



    1. Why and what



    1. How and what



    1. How and why



    1. Which of the following does not reflect an open systems perspective?



    1. Systems are not isolated but interact with their environment constantly



    1. Relationships are largely linear and can be broken down into cause and effect



    1. Individuals in the system may have different views of it



    1. A system seeks equilibrium and doesn’t change unless energy is applied



    1. Organizational change is the planned alteration of organizational components to improve the ________________ of organizations.



    1. Effectiveness



    1. Profitability



    1. Efficiency



    1. Culture



    1. What are Duck’s Five Stages of Change?



    1. Preparation, implementation, vacillation, flagellation, completion



    1. Stagnation, preparation, implementation, determination, fruition



    1. Configuration, centralization, fertilization, perspiration, preservation



    1. Anticipation, stimulation, application, determination, acclimatization



    1. According to the authors’ focus, which is NOT an example of organizational change?



    1. Downsizing



    1. Installing new technology



    1. Increasing existing sales efforts



    1. Outsourcing



    1. Organizational change most often requires changing at what three levels?



    1. Strategy, operations, and human resources



    1. Simple, joint, and complex



    1. Individual, unit, and organization



  1. Beginning, middle, and end
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