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ECH 301 Week 2 Seventeen Competencies

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ECH 301 Week 2 Seventeen Competencies


Complete Figure 1.6, “Seventeen Competencies for Becoming a Professional: A Professional Development Checklist,” in Ch. 1 of Fundamentals of Early Childhood Education.  (This is often confusing for students.  The standards are listed on the first page and the chart is the second page.  Picture it as if you had a real text book in front of you.  Utlize the standards on the first page to complete the chart on the second page).

Share a copy of your results with your learning team members. 

Review each other’s results, and compile one team chart.  This should contain all team members input..

****The best way to complete this is to create one team chart identifying each standard, high or needs improvement for each team member and if needs improvment how each member will go about this.  You can utlize the chart within the text but be sure to provide credit in a reference section.

Note: You will need  a completed individual chart to complete the Competences Checklist Analysis assignment in Week 3.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

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