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ACC 290 Week 1 Apply: Connect® Exercise

ACC 290 Week 1 Apply: Connect® Exercise PLDZ-9173 Free
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ACC 290 Week 1 Apply: Connect® Exercise


Review the Knowledge Check in preparation for this assignment.

Complete the Week 1 Exercise in Connect®.

Note: You have only one attempt available to complete this assignment.

Grades must be transferred manually to eCampus by your instructor. Don’t worry, this might happen after your due date.

Harold Joseph is a painting contractor who specializes in painting commercial buildings. At the beginning of June, his firm’s financial records showed the following assets, liabilities, and owner’s equity.


Performed services for $6,600 on credit.

Paid $1,620 in cash for new office chairs.

Received $10,400 in cash from credit clients.

Paid $800 in cash for telephone service.

Sent a check for $2,900 in partial payment of the amount due creditors.

Paid salaries of $8,900 in cash.

Sent a check for $1,040 to pay electric bill.

Performed services for $9,700 in cash.

Paid $2,270 in cash for auto repairs.

 Performed services for $11,700 on account.

Enter the above transactions in to the following accounting equations.

nalyze:What is the amount of total assets after all transactions have been recorded?

The following equation shows the transactions of Cotton Cleaning Service during May. The business is owned by Taylor 

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