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CIS 295 Week 1 Individual: Week One Practice Labs Submission


Refer to the following completed modules in the 220-902 CompTIA A+ Practice Labs course:




    • Using Microsoft® Windows® Features and Tools



    • Working with Linux Command Line




Note: You should have already completed this step and have the screenshots saved within a Microsoft® Word document.

Submit your document to the Assignment Files tab.





CIS 295 Week 1 Individual: Operating System (OS) Recommendation


You have an acquaintance who is an independent sales and marketing consultant that is about to open a small consulting firm with three full-time employees. She has always used Mac systems, but is wondering if she should use something else now that she is expanding her business.

Create a comparison of Microsoft®, Mac, and Linux operating systems that will help her make a decision.

Include information regarding the following in your comparison:




    • User support



    • Cost



    • Ongoing management and maintenance



    • Compatibility and availability of utilities



    • Reliability



    • Expansion capabilities



    • Security




Document your comparison in a Microsoft® Word document or Excel® spreadsheet.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

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