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Quin Snyder Euroleague Bundle

Quin Snyder Euroleague Bundle Quin Snyder Euroleague Bundle
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How Quin Snyder defeats traditional NBA-style teams…

(And why your high school team should listen…)

A good coach matches the style of play to his or her players.  

Following some “traditional” NBA style because everyone else is doing it is not the way to victory.

Making this mistake with high school teams pretty much hands the win to the team with the fastest and most athletic players.

The problem is, it has become pretty much a cliché at most high schools to mimic the NBA approach, since this is what most coaches are exposed to.

Let’s face it…

Our high school players are NOT in the NBA, nor is it likely they ever will be.

So why try to shoehorn them into a style of play they’re not suited for?

Seems like an obvious question – but one that is seldom brought up.

But there is a proven alternative…

And this may very well be the key to defeating high school teams who follow the NBA style by default.

Quin Snyder and the Utah Jazz regularly defeat faster, and arguable more talented teams without having a collection of marque players.  

And there is a very good reason for that…

This article describes it better than I could:


If you’re a high school coach looking for your own style, as well as a way to defeat opponents who may have speed and size advantages over you, I STRONGLY urge you to consider this information…

By running a system that lines up better with the talent you have, you take opponents off their game plan and soon have them scrambling to adjust.

Coach Snyder is the single best example of this approach, although Ettore Messina is a close second…

Both of these coaches are deeply involved with the “Euroleague” style of play.  

(I’ve always had a fascination with this style as well. So much so, I wrote an entire ebook on the topic.)


In line with my mission to bring you the best in coaching education and options, I’ve pulled together the most outstanding Quin Snyder and Euroleague material in our ‘vault’ for you to study.

Here is what I came up with:

This “Quin Snyder – Euroleague Bundle” has 4 parts (actually three parts + my bonus ebook) ?

  1. The Utah Jazz Playbook: This 100 page playbook takes you inside Coach Snyder’s unique alternative to the traditional NBA-style game.   It is the core of this package.

Regular cost:  $15.00


  1. Ettore Messina CSKA Moscow Playbook: Coach Messina is one of the winningest coaches in Euroleague history!  And one of the few European coaches always considered for NBA head coach vacancies, due in part to his 4 Euroleague Championships.

Regular Cost: $15.00


  1. 2017 Eurobasket Tournament Playbook – with Igor Kokoskov: Described as one of the “most respected offensive minds in the NBA”, coach Kokoskov is the central feature in these 125 plays from last year’s tournament.

Regular Coast: $14.95


  1. ***BONUS EBOOK*** International Basketball Strategies: Learn from the best coaches in the Euroleague, Eurocup, and Beyond:  As promised, I’ve included my definitive ebook on the European style of play.  I have spent a lot of time and energy breaking down set plays, transition sets, sideline out of bounds plays, and baseline out of bounds plays.

If you love pick and roll basketball, then this ebook will be great for you. It made me start thinking about different ways to attack basketball teams and expand my offensive views. You will be viewing some of the best set plays that Europe has to offer.


This ebook alone puts you ahead of 95% of the coaches out there who haven’t taken the time to look at these powerful alternatives.

Regular Cost:  $17.95


This amounts to $62.90 worth of very specific knowledge, available through Sunday only for $37.00!


If you’re looking to break out of the cliché mold or you realize you absolutely NEED to do something to disrupt the game plans of often superior opponents – this is your opportunity!

NOTE:  I have intended this bundle for ‘action-takers’.  Therefore I will take it down on Sunday by midnight – latest.

See you courtside!

Scott “I won’t be a cliche” Peterman

Here is the link again…

Yes, I want to be proficient with Coach Quin’s approach. Give me access!


How Quin Snyder defeats traditional NBA-style teams… (And why your high school team should listen…) A good coach matches the style of play to his or her players. Following some “traditional” NBA style because everyone e
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