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One of my favorite things about the New Year is all those “Best of…” and Compilation articles you see everywhere.

I read them all.

I find myself saying, “Oh yeah!  I remember when <insert celebrity name> died.  Was that really just this past year?”

Stuff like that…

Well, we are barely past the half way point of 2018, so there are no worthwhile compilations yet in sight…

Or so you thought. ?

I know a lot of you are deep into either vacation or AAU season mode, but I went ahead, and racked my brain a bit to come up with an eye-catching compilation for your down time viewing…

Tell me if I succeeded…

As you know, I have a substantial collection of playbook encyclopedias.

I thumbed through all of them and went with a “defensive” theme…

(Believe me, this is NOT your dad’s encyclopedia collection!)


Here is what I came up with:

1) Encyclopedia of Pack Line Defense Playbook:  

This playbook contains EVERYTHING you need to know about this incredibly effective approach – as it is employed by Coach Bennett at UV.

From key areas, to positions and techniques, to drills covering multiple scenarios…it’s all here.

Over 70 pages of Pack Line Defense expertise!

Retail Cost:  $17.95 (70 pages)


2) Encyclopedia of Pic & Roll Defense:

This one is 99 pages of “awesomeness” in the form of a playbook providing intricate details on how to cover the pick & roll in every possible way.

Here is what’s inside:

  • “Concepts, Organization and Technique” pgs. 2-10


  • 10 different types of coverages: “Bump and Under”, “Hard Hedge”, “Soft Hedge”, “Blitz”, “Flat”, “Drop”, “Ice”, “Weak”, “Switch”, “Non-Scoring Area” pgs. 11-54


  • Sections on “Switch Outs”, “Veer Backs” and “Tagging” pgs. 55-75


  • A huge section on “Guarding Popular Actions” pgs. 76-92


  • And of course, a separate section just on “Drills” pgs. 93-99


Retail Cost: $17.95  (99 pages)


3) Michigan State Defensive Playbook: The Complete Guide to a Final Four Defense

Now, even though Coach Izzo doesn’t admit it, he runs a Pack Line Defense.  Go ahead…deny it!

Anyway, even though this one is not called an encyclopedia, it kinda is.  

In this playbook you will learn the core principles and concepts of the defense that Tom Izzo runs at Michigan State. It covers everything from the proper defensive stance, where every defender needs to be at all times, and ball screen coverages for all situations.

And a ton more…

Retail Cost: $17.95

As you can see, I went all in on the “defense” theme for this mid-year compilation.  


How much?

How does $37.00 for the bundle sound?…

…all of it for about 1/3 off…

…also known as 31%...

…aka you’re getting one of them for free.  ?

FAIR WARNING:  As is my pattern, I am obligated to break up the bundle after roughly 72 hours.


Sunday evening at midnight, all three playbooks go back to their regular price of $17.95 each.

Enjoy the weather!

See you courtside,

Scott “I’m not being defensive” Peterman

One of my favorite things about the New Year is all those &ldquo;Best of&hellip;&rdquo; and Compilation articles you see everywhere. I read them all. I find myself saying, &ldquo;Oh yeah! I remember when died. Was that really just this past year
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