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Audio - Talks in Arambol (India) 2018

Audio - Talks in Arambol (India) 2018 PLDZ-31
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Arambol February 9th 2018
1. Walking the Thin Line of the Paradox
Start: 5'11''
End: 25'
Our true nature is Life itself, the Awareness of it all. And at the same time this person is appearing, living this human experience. 
Knowing that our true nature is Awareness can easily be hijacked by the thinking and turned into a way of avoiding the very human experience. Or, we can give too much meaning to the human experience, making it bigger than it actually is, making it mean something about me. Both are delusions. There is no landing place on either side of this paradox. It is an endless free fall. 
Arambol February 9th 2018
2. Let the Hurricanes Come
Start: 49'25''
End: 57'40''
In this human experience there is no escape from strong intense emotional experiences. We often try to escape from those 'hurricanes'. 
Recognizing who we are, gives the safety to experience them. You are free to feel it all. You can risk drowning in it, knowing that who you really are can never drown in anything.
Arambol February 13th 2018
3. Spirituality as a way of Living
Start: 5'50''
End: 17'
Spirituality is: meeting Reality. Spirituality is not separate from daily human life. 
Thought is trying to find a way out of the intensity of life. Thought doesn't know how to deal with intense sensations. We are afraid to drown in it. 
Why not taking fear by the hand and lose yourself in what is here, knowing that who you are will never get lost.
Arambol February 20th 2018
4. Living Without Knowing How to Live
Start: 5'10''
End: 19'
The truth of life is that you don't know who you are, you don't know why you are here, you don't know what you are doing here. Nothing can be understood. Nothing needs to be understood. When the thinking acknowledges this, it surrenders. 
There is another kind of knowing, the knowing who you are, your true nature, Life Itself. The thinking cannot know this. 
Arambol February 20th 2018
5. Unconditional Love
Start: 1h 10' 21''
End: 1h 21'
Unconditional Love isn't touched by what the other person does. It embraces everything: it holds the love that you experience and the hate that you experience. It is impersonal. Another word is Truth. 
This Love is what you are. It is not contained in anyone or anything. It is impersonal. 
Arambol February 23th 2018
6. Our Original Longing
Start: 5'20''
End: 22
Sometimes, when we are on the spiritual path, we lose our original longing; our original longing for the Truth, for awakening, for freedom. On our search we pick up concepts and ideas, and our longing becomes an agitated grasping for blissful experiences, or a running away from unpleasant experiences. 
The original longing doesn't have a direction. It is just longing. Another word is Love. The Love that you are, already, now. Your True Nature.
Arambol March 2nd 2018
7. Thought wants Meaning
Start: 4' 10''
End: 14'
Most of the time our actual experience is different from our ideas about it, from our interpretations, from the meaning we attach to it. Waves of feelings, sensations, emotions and thoughts come and go. They are all meaningless. Thought is adding interpretations about what it means about the imaginary me.
Without thought referring to a me, everything is just happening. Being fully experienced.
Life is full of meaning for its own sake. It doesn't need meaning for me. 
Arambol March 9nd 2018
8. The Wide Open Space of Not-Knowing
Start: 4'20''
End: 17'20''
In life we spend a lot of effort in trying to know who we should be, how we should live. The answers we find are only temporary. Again and again we realize that we don't know. That is the truth. You can't know. You don't have to know. Nobody knows.
The not-knowing is a wide open space. It is openness, freedom. This is your nature. It is who you are, beyond all the words.
Arambol March 13  2018
9. Facing Reality    
Start: 02'03"
End: 19'50"
When we have ideas about how reality should be, there is no appreciation of what is. Facing reality as it actually is, is freeing. It brings relaxation. It is meeting with yourself, now. Yourself being the Awareness of the experience and, at the same time, the experience itself. Feeling it all, including it all, not adding extra meaning. 
What you are searching for - what you really are - is the seeing of it all, the backdrop of every experience. 
Arambol February 9th 2018 1. Walking the Thin Line of the Paradox Start: 5'11'' End: 25' Our true nature is Life itself, the Awareness of it all. And at the same time this person is appearing, living this human experience. Knowing that our true
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