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COM 295 Entire Course



Business Communications



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COM 295 Week 1 Practice: Going on a Business Trip to China



Complete the “Going on a Business Trip to China” Case Study in Connect


Going on a Business Trip to China


Business professionals who are high in cultural intelligence possess skills and attributes to work effectively with members of other cultures. They respect, recognize, and appreciate cultural differences; possess curiosity and interest in other cultures; avoid inappropriate stereotypes; adjust conceptions of time and show patience; manage language differences to achieve shared meaning; understand cultural dimensions; establish trust and show empathy across cultures; approach cross-cultural work relationships with a learner mind-set; and build co-cultures of cooperation and innovation.


In this exercise, you evaluate the experiences of an operations manager going to China to examine factories and potentially take bids for some of your company’s operations. You will notice differences in communication across cultures and analyze the interactions in terms of cultural intelligence and the following cultural dimensions: individualism and collectivism, egalitarianism and hierarchy, future orientation, assertiveness, and humane orientation.



Read the case below and answer the questions that follow.



Recently, senior managers at Judith Carey’s company concluded that some of the company’s operations needed to be produced in lower-wage locations for the company to stay profitable. They placed Judith in charge of learning about options in China, a country she had never visited.


After several months of making contacts via phone and email, Judith traveled to China to meet some potential manufacturers. She brought two of her staff members along with her on the trip. She also asked Mei, one of the company’s sales representatives in China, to join the group and act as an interpreter. Mei had joined the company’s sales department in China two years ago. Because she gained a marketing degree in a Canadian university, Mei’s English was excellent.

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