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HRM 326 Week 4 Case Study

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HRM 326 Week 4 Case Study


HRM 326 Week 4 Case Study


Chose one of the following cases from your textbook/readings for this week:

1)  Case Analysis Training for Customer Service Specialists (Chapter 6)

Case Questions:  You are assigned the challenge of designing the training program for the temporary CSS employees,

who must complete training before they become permanent CSS employees.




    1. What are the training objectives for the CSS training program? Indicate how these objectives are tied to the KSA requirements. Assume that all trainees have college degrees but need KSAs in all other areas listed in the Qualifications section.



    1. On the basis of the training objectives, provide a training agenda and indicate the time allocated and order of modules in your program.



    1. For each module, describe the goals of the module and the training methods you will use to accomplish it. Provide your rationale.



    1. How will you evaluate whether each person in your training program has mastered the knowledge and skill levels needed to perform as a CSS? Describe the types of questions you would ask of those supervising the CSS employees graduating from your program.




2) Case Science and Technologin, Inc. (Chapter 7)

Case Question: Develop a business solution for STI that addresses all of the challenges they face. Indicate any

assumptions you are making that are not directly addressed by the case.

Review the case study and respond to the questions listed above.  I encourage you to use outside research in support of your responses besides the information shared in the textbook/readings.

For maximum points for the chapter assignment must meet the qualifications




    • Submit original response. Submit as an attachment. Word document in APA format



    • Provides supporting responses that include the implementation of in-text citations from outside research  and  textbook (in addition to research, learners can include support from professional experience as it relates to the topic(s))



    • Response should be thoughtful and reflect a consideration of the discussion questions, communicate understanding of the terminology and concepts included in the chapter and/or course material.



    • Discussion analyzes various alternatives and consequences as well as an exploration of multiple solutions.



    • Include the discussion questions.



    • Appropriate grammar, spelling, sentence structure and punctuation. You can use first person writing. Be careful not to overuse however.




Things to Avoid in the composition process




    • Avoid using too many: “I believe”, “I feel”, “In my opinion”



    • Avoid using contractions



    • Avoid stating “The article talks…”   (FYI: The article never talks!)



    • Avoid citing incorrectly… (review APA citations and various resources located at the Center for Writing Excellence for  help)



    • Avoid answering questions and starting sentences with “Yes….”




Click on the Assignment Files tab to submit your case study.

HRM 326 Week 4 Case Study HRM 326 Week 4 Case Study Chose one of the following cases from your textbook/readings for this week: 1) Case Analysis
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