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"Have You Always Been Curious About Acupuncture, But Were Never Quite Sure Where To Stick The Needles?!"

If you associate acupuncture with needles, pain and weird alternative medicine then you are horribly misinformed about the benefits of the world's oldest form of medicinal treatment.

Acupuncture has been used for over 5,000 years treating ailments ranging from back pain, insomnia, and migraines and more recently to help with weight loss, quitting smoking and stress. Acupuncture is safe, pain free and can help you feel better.

If you are searching for a remedy and modern medicine hasn't been able to provide relief, then it's time you started learning how acupuncture can help you feel your best. Don't be a skeptic, Acupuncture For Cynics can teach you everything you need to know to feel safe and comforted and make an informed decision about your health.

Don't look at me like I'm crazy or trying to sell you magic beans or something. Acupuncture might seem hokey if you don't fully understand how it works, but if are stuck in a corner, with no other option left, acupuncture might be the savior you've been praying for. I know it was for me.

Ever since I was a little kid, I've felt nauseous when I travel. I could never sit backwards on the bus or read during a car ride. Whenever I flew, during takeoff and landing I needed to hang my head between my knees to prevent my nausea from completely overtaking my body. I avoided traveling at all costs, not wanting to put myself in a situation where I was unable to control my bodily functions.

One of my favorite things about life is that it never seems to let me relax and live in the comfortable world that I'd prefer, and, true to form, as I got older I found myself in a job that required me to fly.

I didn't want to be handcuffed by my nausea, so I accepted the job and hoped I would be able to find a cure for my uncomfortable condition.

My nausea, though, was uncontrollable. I went to see doctors and specialists and tried everything from pills to patches to help me fly easier. Of course, nothing provided me with the relief that I needed.

As I grew in my job, the necessity to fly comfortably not only grew worse, but so did the need to read, prepare and work on the plane as well. I was desperate to find a cure, so I tried everything I could think of.

A co-worker first explained to me the benefits of acupuncture. She told me how her mother had acupuncture done to relieve her back pain and said that it was something of a miracle cure. She said that after her mother went to just a couple treatments, she felt a lot better.

This co-worker talked about acupuncture every single day and was convinced that it was the cure I was searching for. The more she talked about it, the less interested I was in trying it. This co-worker described the process as a ritual and she constantly used words like miracle, wonder, and life-altering experience. She made it seem even more hokey than I had originally thought.

The medicinal value of acupuncture was overshadowed by the impression I got from her that acupuncture was performed in an environment that more resembled a palm reader's shop than a doctor's office. I was a man of science and ritual treatments were not anything I would even consider.

As time went on, my condition grew worse and so did the demands of my job. It got so bad once, that I had to excuse myself from a flight with clients, because I knew I wouldn't be able to perform professionally while we were in the air. My condition was becoming a real hindrance and it was about to get worse...

On a trip overseas, I got sicker than I ever had before. I spent the entire flight in the bathroom being sick. I was supposed to go over my proposal on the flight and since I was unable to do it, I was wholly unprepared for my meeting and we lost the contract I was there to win.

My boss understood my condition, but he wasn't willing to let it effect my work. He told me to take some time off and 'get my head together', meaning that unless I could find a way to limit my nausea, I'd be fired.

I had already exhausted all the treatment options I could think of. I didn't think there were any rocks left to look under...other than the acupuncture that seemed more like a fantasy cure than a reality.

I had no choice though, I was really in a bind. I had no other choice if I wanted to keep my job. I had to try the acupuncture.

I rationalized it in my head that the 'treatment' couldn't be too bad, but I was still terrified of it. The needles seemed scary, but truth is the unknown regimen that I'd go through made me much more afraid.

When I finally gathered enough strength to talk to my co-worker, she was more than excited to help me allay my fears. In fact, after I made my appointment, she sat down with me and helped me understand everything I was about to go through. She talked and I took notes for more than an hour, and when we were done I felt much more confident in acupuncture. I was even looking forward to it.

The first appointment I had was surprisingly clinical. The acupuncturist's office seemed like a cross between a doctor's office and massage parlor. Nothing at all like the palm reading places I'd imagined.

The acupuncturist was very professional and really set my mind at ease. I had just five treatments and my nausea was diminishing. I was shocked by the effectiveness of it all.

My skepticism was clearly over-exaggerated. I had no idea how effective the acupuncture was. I kicked myself for not trying it earlier. I felt so stupid for not believing in it sooner.

I thought back to all the people I talked to about acupuncture and how many of them shared my cynicism. I couldn't get over how wrong I was and how I needed to help others understand that they shouldn't be scared of acupuncture like I was.

I took the notes that I compiled from my co-worker and created it into a book to help us all better understand the health benefits of acupuncture. If you are dismissing acupuncture without knowing all the facts, this book can change your life.

Stop Struggling To Find Cures That Aren't Working, Find Out About Acupuncture Today!



"Have You Always Been Curious About Acupuncture, But Were Never Quite Sure Where To Stick The Needles?!" If you associate acupuncture with needles, pain and weird alternative medicine then you are horribly misinformed about the benefits of the world
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