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The object of this little work, and of others of its family, which may perhaps follow, is,like that of the "Rollo Books," to furnish useful and instructive reading to young children.


The aim is not so directly to communicate knowledge, as it is to develop the moral andintellectual powers, — to cultivate habits of discrimination and correct reasoning, and toestablish sound principles of moral conduct.


 The "Rollo Books" embrace principallyintellectual and moral discipline;


 "Caleb," and the others of its family, will include also_religious_ training, according to the evangelical views of Christian truth which theauthor has been accustomed to entertain, and which he has inculcated in his moreserious writings.


 J. A.



The object of this little work, and of others of its family, which may perhaps follow, is,like that of the "Rollo Books," to furnish useful and instructive reading to young children. The aim is not so directly to communicate knowledge, as it is t
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