MoviesGrowEnglish, ESL Texbook 2018 (L-Z)

MoviesGrowEnglish, ESL Texbook 2018 (L-Z) PLDZ-222
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This .PDF textbook contains 17 interactive ESL/EFL lessons based on whole movies (well over 100 pages).  The Table of Contents has click jumps to each lesson and to the AWL* index.  Student/Teacher Notes has click jumps to learning-and-teaching resources at

Lessons include story setup, discussion prompts, quotes,  vocabulary with AWL* notations, screen shots and more, in the same order as the movie.  The design is consistent, simple, and adaptable. The full-color, high-res layout looks spectacular on electronic media.  Teachers can create writing prompts at and students can write responses.

Movies Grow English lessons were developed and tested at USC, UCLA, & California Institute of Technology.  Since 2010, these lessons have been used in classrooms world-wide.

This .PDF textbook contains 17 interactive ESL/EFL lessons based on whole movies (well over 100 pages). The Table of Contents has click jumps to each lesson and to the AWL* index. Student/Teacher Notes has click jumps to learning-and-teaching resou
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