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VDiff Sport Climbing Basics

VDiff Sport Climbing Basics VDIFF-SPORT
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This e-book will teach you how to:

- Use assisted-braking belay devices
- Lead sport climbs
- Set up top ropes
- Clean sport anchors
- Abseil safely (including using a prusik knot)
- Use advanced belay techniques
- Climb with better technique
- Assess bolt quality
Plus much more.


Further information:

* 115 pages

* 200+ full-colour, detailed illustrations

* Easy to print or view on your phone

* Everything you need to know to get started sport climbing

This e-book will teach you how to:- Use assisted-braking belay devices- Lead sport climbs- Set up top ropes- Clean sport anchors- Abseil safely (including using a prusik knot)- Use advanced belay techniques- Climb with better technique- Assess bolt q
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