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The Sutra class downloads are another step in enhancing the God given skills that we all have.  These are a perfect addition to the Prayer Class.  Spiritual growth is just like exercising.  The more that you incorporate prayer and sutra's into your daily routine, the more you establish and strengthen the neuro pathways in your brain.  This is similar to the muscle memory that an athelete creates in doing particular activities over and over again.  Frankie and her husband have used these same concepts in their daily lives as well as the workshops they taught through out the years, and they have proven that the senses increase.
It is important in doing these Sutra's to take it one step at a time. Starting with part #1, and doing them regularly for a period of time as told in the videos to allow them to start to intergrate into your system.  The same goes for part #2.  Doing them all at once is not beneficial to you.  More is not better.
Sutra's Part #1 - focuses on your 5 basic senses, sight, hearing, feeling, smelling, and taste.  All of these attributes that we use everyday in our lives play a part in developing your spiritual self.  Spirit or our higher self, uses these to communicate to us just as we use them.  Most people don't know this.  Messages are sometimes given to us by a sound that we hear, or a particular smell wafting  in the air, or a taste in your mouth.  In other terms, Your clairvoyance, clairaudient, and clairsentient modalities
Sutra's Part #2 - focuses on your deeper clair perceptive senses.  These are the attributes that people most associate with in Healing and Mediumship work.  Doing these Sutra's in regular meditation also starts to strengthen your spiritual connection more and more.
The Sutra class downloads are another step in enhancing the God given skills that we all have. These are a perfect addition to the Prayer Class. Spiritual growth is just like exercising. The more that you incorporate prayer and sutra's into your d
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