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MTH 216 All Participations




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MTH 216 Week 1 Purpose of This Course and the Signature Assignment


What is quantitative reasoning?

Quantitative reasoning uses math and critical thinking to analyze numbers and draw conclusions relevant to our daily lives. Quantitative reasoning is practical and is always linked to applications.

What is the difference between quantitative and qualitative data?

Quantitative data refers to information that can be measured and written down using numbers. Examples of quantitative data include dates, speed of a traveling car, and the temperature on a thermometer. Qualitative data includes information that we acquire using observations from our senses. Examples of qualitative data include colors, smells, and tastes. This class focuses on quantitative data, not qualitative data.

What is a signature assignment, and how is a signature assignment used in this course?

Signature assignments are purposefully created to show evidence that students meet the major learning outcomes of a course or degree program. In this course, the Signature Assignment is a project that you will be working on in Weeks 2-5. The Signature Assignment gives you an opportunity to show that you can apply quantitative reasoning to a topic and scenario that you get to choose in Week 2.

What can you expect in this course?

Expect to learn the foundations of math needed to perform quantitative reasoning. You can also expect to learn the foundations of quantitative reasoning and apply them in a real-life scenario. You have a number of different support tools including videos, readings, fellow students, and your instructor to help you succeed along the way. Welcome to Quantitative Reasoning II, and enjoy the journey!

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