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MTH 220 All Participations




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MTH 220 Week 1 Course Introduction and Week 1 Overview


Welcome to MTH/220: College Algebra!

Students enter this course with many different backgrounds in math. Your classmates range from people who just finished high school algebra to people who may not have used algebra in over 30 years. It is important to put in a strong effort early to get off to a good start. Depending on your math background, this could require you putting in more time and effort than you might be used to in other classes.

The purpose of this week is to help you understand radicals, rational exponents, applications of radicals, and other commonly used mathematical tools. An example of a radical is a square root. Rational exponents and radicals are different ways of representing the same information. The use of radicals and rational expressions are not only important in solving polynomial equations and finding roots of numbers, but also in computer programing and in calculating interest rates in the financial industry.






MTH 220 Week 1 College Algebra, Ch. P, Sections P. 3: Radicals and Rational Exponents



During this reading you learn about radicals and rational exponents.  You learn about the rules that go along with simplifying radicals and how exponents and radicals work together. This chapter helps you with any step-by-step explanations of these concepts. Be sure to seek out any help if you find yourself stuck.





MTH 220 Week 1 College Algebra, Ch. 1, Sections 1.5-1.6: Equations and Inequalities



Ch. 1, Section 1.5-1.6 discusses quadratic equations. You factored quadratic equations in a previous math class. This reading helps you solve those types of equations that you were not able to factor. However, that is not all this chapter discusses. Section 6 talks about other types of polynomial equations including radical equations.

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