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Basic Scales and Arpeggios

Basic Scales and Arpeggios PLDZ-2
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In this ebook you will see all of the following:

Basic Scales

Pitch Axis Scales

Pentatonic Scales


3 String Arpeggios

3 String Pedal Point Arpeggios

4 String Arpeggios

Mozart Based Arpeggio Piece

Based on 5 String Arpeggios

Arpeggio/Scale Workout

6 String Arpeggios

Arpeggio Progressions

Arpeggio Study

Odd Meter Arpeggios

Chordal Work

Scales and Arpeggios from a chord

In this ebook you will see all of the following:Basic ScalesPitch Axis ScalesPentatonic ScalesModes3 String Arpeggios3 String Pedal Point Arpeggios4 String ArpeggiosMozart Based Arpeggio PieceBased on 5 String ArpeggiosArpeggio/Scale Workout6 String
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