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Hypnotherapy Mindset Reset Bundle

Hypnotherapy Mindset Reset Bundle PLDZ-17
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Hypnotherapy Mindset Reset
Get Nancy's entire library of downloads including her E-Book along with hypnosis, meditation and group coaching call downloads.


The Dieter's Guide to Successful Self Coaching


Excellence in Fitness Hypnosis Series
4 MP3 Hypnosis Sessions
Format: MP3 Downloads
Includes, Starting Your Journey, Dieting with Ease, Healthy Body. Uses an elegant combination of metaphors and direct suggestions to allow change and personal growth to take place at the deepest level. The unconscious mind thinks very differently from our conscious mind. This series has been designed to enjoy each program over and over again to create deep levels of relaxation at the conscious level and profound change at the unconscious level. Excel in competition easily and effortlessly with The Competitive Advantage Hypnosis Series.

Starting Your Journey
Dieting With Ease
Healthy Body

Appetite Control
MP3 Hypnosis Session
Running time: 25 minutes
Format: MP3 Download
This powerful hypnosis session is designed for anyone who desires more control over their eating. Nancy takes you on a delightful journey that explores the depths of your unconscious mind in order to create lasting change in the way you think about food and your appetite. Sit back, relax and let your unconscious mind do all the work.

Stress Relief
MP3 Hypnosis Session
Format: MP3 Download
The Stress Relief- Be Free Now! Letting go of things that do not matter allow us to be able to move on our way with effortless flow. This soothing, tension tamer hypnosis session will help you melt away stress and anxiousness by helping you relax and release emotions as well as get in alignment with your true highest power. 


Fear of Food- Group Coaching Call Replay
Group Coaching Call Replay
Format: MP3 Download
This is a recording of a group coaching call on October 11, 2009 with IFBB Figure Pro and Food Psychology Coach, Nancy Georges. This is an exceptional look into our relationship with food and body.  We explore your fears and concerns regarding nutrition, diet, food and body. We finish the hour with some tips and strategies on healing and creating a balanced relationship with food, along with some homework assignments for creating even more balanced emotional eating.

Hypnotherapy Mindset ResetGet Nancy's entire library of downloads including her E-Book along with hypnosis, meditation and group coaching call downloads. E-BookThe Dieter's Guide to Successful Self CoachingHYPNOSIS Excellence in Fitness Hypnosis Ser
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