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HST 276 Week 1 Week One Knowledge Check



Complete the Week One Knowledge Check






The cultural center of Western Europe in the 10th and 11th centuries was

Naples in southern Italy under the Fatimid Dynasty.

Cordoba in Spain under the Umayyad Dynasty.

Athens in Greece under the Saljuq Dynasty.

None of these answers are correct.


One of the most important developments in the eastern half of the Islamic world between 1000 and 1500 C.E. was

the growing popularity of Hindu ideas among lower class Muslims.

the violent invasions of the region by the Mongols and their successors.

the collapse of long-distance trade and the return to local self-sufficiency.

All of these answers are correct.


Which of the following is the correct chronological order for civilizations in central Mexico?

Aztec, Toltec Teotihuacán

Teotihuacán, Toltec, Aztec

Toltec, Teotihuacán, Aztec

Toltec, Aztec, Teotihuacán























Mastery 100% Questions ·  4


·  5



Materials on the concept





    • Consolidation of Shi’ite Traditions



    • Problems in Reconstructing the History of Native American Civilization





Shi’ites made up a significant part of the population in all of the following areas except






Difficulties confront scholars trying to understand the ancient civilizations of the Americas because

Andean civilizations never developed writing.

Mesoamerican civilizations never developed writing.

Andean writing displays a pro-Spanish bias.

the writing systems have never been deciphered.




HST 276 Week 1 Week One Worksheet


Complete the University of Phoenix Material: Week One Worksheet.

Submit your worksheet to the Assignment Files tab.

Week 1 Worksheet


As you read this week’s required materials, complete this worksheet. This is a multipage assignment; double-check that you completed each page before submitting.





Part I: Fill in the Blanks



Fill in the blanks to complete the following sentences.


1.    History and Archaeology






    1. The written record of the past and the study of past written records is called .



    1. The study of the past based on recovering and identifying artifacts and making inferences about those who left these artifacts is called .



    1. Both historians and archaeologists describe the past. Historians study  to form this description, whereas archaeologists study                .



    1. Scholars’ ability to relate narrative stories of past Andean cultures is limited because they did not use , but recent advances in translating the              language has allowed a better understanding of Mesoamerican cultures.



  1. Based on archaeological and genetic evidence, scholars believe the first people to settle the Americas came across a natural , from              into              .
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