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Issue 1:
From the Editor by Paul Romhany
How is the Value of a Commercial Magician Measured? by JC Sum
Chipper Lowell by Paul Romhany
Bamboozlers by Diamond Jim Tyler
It's Child's Play by Tony Chris
Magic Trick Reviews by Harry Monk and Friends
The Magic of Mentoring by Nick Lewin
Wrong Number by Wayne Rogers
The Success Series by Cris Johnson
Magic Face-Lift by Mark Parker
Income Marketing System for Magicians by Randy Charach
From the Desk of Keith Fields
Unprepared and Impromptu by Ken Dyne
Dear Pamela by Richard Webster
You Can't Buy Personality by Bizzaro
Karate Shadow by Andrew Gerard
Tricks are for Magicians, Silly Rabbit by TC Tahoe
Magic 24-7 by Ben Robinson
Real Coin in Bottle by Ken Ring
Flying Carpet/Chair Suspension Tips by Kyle Peron

Description: Issue 1:From the Editor by Paul RomhanyHow is the Value of a Commercial Magician Measured? by JC SumChipper Lowell by Paul RomhanyBamboozlers by Diamond Jim TylerIt's Child's Play by Tony ChrisMagic Trick Reviews by Harry Monk and Frien
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