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HRM 324 Entire Course





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HRM 324 Week 1 Legal Issues in Compensation


Assume the role of a human resources (HR) consultant. Unsure of legal obligations in designing a total compensation plan, a client has asked you to explain how certain laws and regulations affect total compensation in their organization. The client is an organization that employs 200 people in the private sector, meaning this organization is not a government agency (not city, county, etc… agency)




    • Write a minimum 500-word paper discussing at least 2 laws/regulations that impact compensation.  Discuss what practices and policies this organization should use to comply with the 2 laws/regulations you discussed.




Format and cite your paper consistent with APA guidelines.






HRM 324 Week 2 Internal and External Equity Comparison


Create an annotated bibliography for the topics of “Internal Equity” and “External Equity” in employee compensation.   Visit the Center for Writing Excellence, the Tutorials and Guides section and under the heading of “Samples”, you’ll find a link to Annotated Bibliography.  This link provides an example of an annotated bibliography.

As you can see from the example, each entry in the bibliography includes an article summary and an APA formatted citation.

The annotated bibliography should contain 3 articles about internal equity or external equity in employee compensation or a combination of both. “Article” being an article published in a journal, magazine or newspaper.  I recommend using the University’s library database to find these articles.

Your bibliography should have an APA formatted cover page.  There is no word count for this assignment.






HRM 324 Week 3 Base/Regular Pay vs. Incentive Pay Presentation


As a team, create a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation outlining:




    • How incentive pay differs from an employee’s regular pay



    • Reasons why employers would want to use incentive pay



    • Pros and cons of incentive pay




Your presentation should start with a cover slide that contains a title and names of your team members.  Then you should have 7-10 slides that address the above bullet points.  Your last slide should contain the sources you used to create the presentation.  Use at least 2 sources and format the sources in APA format.

Your presentation should have an attractive design and be visually engaging.






HRM 324 Week 4 Retirement Plan Proposal and Communication Plan


You are the new Benefits Director at a newly formed organization with 150 employees privately owned business that’s not publicly traded. Management has asked you to provide them with a proposal that describes two employer-sponsored retirement plans that could be offered.

Prepare a minimum 500 words paper that addresses the following and incorporates at least two sources:




    • Provide an overview of two employer-sponsored retirement plans (a plan that provides income such as a 401K, not a retiree health insurance plan).  The overview of the two plans should include the type of the plan, employee eligibility, how the plan works, etc… You are not making up a plan, but choosing from among plan that are actually offered in the real world, such as a 401K.



    • Pick one of the plans you proposed above to offer to the employees of the organization and explain why you chose it.



    • How will you communicate the plan you chose to employees so that employees are aware of the plan and excited about it being offered.




Format and cite your assignment consistent with APA guidelines.

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