Sew 4 Little Women Dolls!

Sew 4 Little Women Dolls! LtlWmn
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LITTLE WOMEN: Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy!
1963 Women's Magazine Vintage e-Pattern
Civil War Era Dolls (Mid-Victorian)
All Four Sisters!
Includes Wardrobe for each
Plus a Traveling Trunk!

(This is a PDF copy of my vintage original doll pattern. You will receive the download link IMMEDIATELY from Etsy after payment!)

* Designed by Joan Russell after she visited the birthplace of Louisa May Alcott (the inspiration for "Little Women"!)
* All the Patterns and Directions to make Cloth Dolls with Clothing:
* Meg is 18.5" tall, Jo is 20", and Beth and Amy are 17.5".
* Sweet Embroidered Facial Features
* Instructions to make Gorgeous Period Hair-dos - a different one for each doll!
* Each girl has her own: Petticoat, chemise, and Pantaloons (Knickers or Drawers)
* Each doll has a specific dress, apron, and special clothing just for her:
* Meg: Gorgeous Silver Suit and Dicky-Blouse!
* Joe: Pretty Scroll-Braid bedecked Traveling Suit with matching Feather-Plumed Hat and Fancy Blouse.
* Beth: Beautiful Gored Plaid Coat and Sweet Nightgown
* Amy: Fabulous Long Wool Cape and matching Bonnet along with her own adorable Nightgown & Nightcap!
* Each doll has High-Buttoned Shoes (made from felt)
* Included are instructions to make little traveling "trunks" for each doll out of cardboard boxes, fancy paper, felt and buckles!
* Enlarged, EASY & Friendly directions
* For ease of use, all patterns have the specific doll's picture on them and the article of clothing as well.
No more pattern-mixups!

* START on your doll project right away! DOWNLOAD this pattern PDF TODAY!
NEW!!! You will receive the DOWNLOAD LINK IMMEDIATELY from Etsy after payment!

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LITTLE WOMEN: Jo, Meg, Beth and Amy!1963 Women's Magazine Vintage e-PatternCivil War Era Dolls (Mid-Victorian)All Four Sisters!Includes Wardrobe for eachPlus a Traveling Trunk!(This is a PDF copy of my vintage original doll pattern. You will receive
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