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Caribbean Keys 2.0 (Windows) Plugin

Caribbean Keys 2.0 (Windows) Plugin PL-caribbeankeyswindows
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Caribbean Keys 2.5.6 (Windows VST Plugin)

Caribbean Keys Pianos y Teclados Latinos Caribeños
Plugin for VST 32bit and 64bit Units Version 2.5.6
Platform: Windows VST

Available as instant download only
Disponible únicamente como descarga instantanéa

Caribbean Keys
Pianos y Teclados Latinos Caribeños
Virtual Instrument Plugin for Windows VST

A Superv high quality collection of 15 of the most sought after Pianos,  keyboards and sounds of the Caribbean that brings high value at an amazing price.

Caribbean Keys has that guapachoso sound that works amazingly with Salsa, Merengue, Mambo, Salsa Pesada, Salsa Romantica, Cumbia, Timba and Afrocuban.

Caribbean Keys has a special selection of pianos specially tailored for Montunos & Tumbaos.  Sounds used by Grupo Niche, Orquesta Guayacan, Grupo Galé, Aritsts like Marc Anthony, Gali Galiano, Gilberto Santarosa,  Willie Colon,  Ruben Blades con seis del solar, Eddie & Charly Palmieri just to name a few.

  • Size : 3.18 GB
  • Collection : Acoustic Pianos, Electric Pianos Classic Stage keybord Workstations, Real Vibraphone and Real Steel Drum as a bonus.
  • Content : 15 Multi velocity layered meticulously crafted and sampled instruments.
  • Self contained VST or AU with no need for KONTAKT.

Caribbean Keys includes 1 Vibraphone, 1Steel drum (steel pan) 3 Percusive Studio Grand Pianos that were sampled note by note with many velocity levels recorded in stereo using 4 1073 Neve preamps, two AKG 414′s and two Neumann KM 184′s.

The Keyboards pads, pianos, Electric Grand and Rhodes Electric piano where sampled with multy velocity layers. Recorded through the Neve 1073 Preamps using Monster Cable.

Instrument list - Presets
  1. 70s Rhodes EP
  2. 80s Electric Grand CP80
  3. 90s Salsa Piano M1
  4. 90s Tropical Piano JV
  5. Ballad Crisp EP
  6. Classic DX EP
  7. David Foster Stack
  8. Latin Vibraphone
  9. Miami Studio Grand
  10. NCY Studio Piano C3
  11. Piano Merenguero
  12. Piano Moderno Claro
  13. Puerto Rico Studio Grand
  14. Real Steel Drum
  15. Romantic EP Pad

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System Requirements

Windows  7, 8 10 32  & 64 bit
3.18 GB  MB Disk Space
2 GB Ram

Compatible DAW Hosts for Windows PC
FL Studio, Pro-Tools, Acid, Nuendo, Cubase, Studio One, Ableton, Sonar, Maschine, MPC Ren

Compatibility with Pro Tools
Nuestros Plugins no funcionan en Pro-Tools a menos que usted tenga o  compre un programa o host de AAX. RTAS compatible como: Megaplugin de ADMF, VIenna VEP5, Native Instruments Maschine y Chainer.
Para aprender mas oprima aqui.

Our Plugins will NOT work on Pro-Tools Unless you own or buy a AAX. RTAS compatible host application like:  METAPLUGIN from ADMF, VIenna VEP5, Native Instruments Maschine and Chainer.  To Learn More click here

Caribbean Keys 2.5.6 (Windows VST Plugin) Caribbean Keys Pianos y Teclados Latinos CaribeñosPlugin for VST 32bit and 64bit Units Version 2.5.6Platform: Windows VSTAvailable as instant download onlyDisponible únicamente como descarga in
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