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Baby Bass VSTi 2.5.6 WINDOWS

Baby Bass VSTi 2.5.6 WINDOWS babybassvst windows
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Baby Bass Virtual Instrument (Windows VST 32 & 64 bit)

BABY BASS Virtual Instrument
Plugin for VST and Audio Units Version 2.5.6
Platform: Windows 32 and 64 Bit
Available as instant download only
Disponible únicamente como descarga instantanéa

Baby Bass Virtual Instrument Plugin for Widows

Baby Bass Virtual InstrumentIf you are a producer, composer or beat maker trying to get that very sought after  rich fat deep bass latin salsa sound? you are in for a surprise.

This is a Virtual instrument that has been long overdue, Producers Vault and Brenes LLC finally bring to life:  Baby Bass Virtual Instrument, Based on the sound by legendary Electric Upright basses like the Ampeg Baby Bass and other top brand baby basses.

This sample based virtual instrument  contains 12 patches of several types of Baby Bass Sounds, Recorded through Unversal Audio pre amps and eq'd by a Neve 1081 Class A Original Racked Channel Strip to get the most punch and guts.

Patch List:
  1. Baby Bass de Cumbia
  2. Baby Bass N Piano Split
  3. Cubano Puro SM
  4. Cubano Puro XXL
  5. Electric Upright XXL (Top Brand)
  6. Guarachero (de Salsa Colombiana)
  7. Jazz N Rock XXL
  8. Jazz Suave
  9. Salsa Choke Bass Combination
  10. Salsa Dura Baby Bass
  11. Salsa Fender Jazz Bass Guitar
  12. Salsero Romantico  Baby Bass

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System Requirements

Windows XP ,Vista, 7, 8  32  & 64 bit
520  MB Disk Space
1 GB Ram

Baby Bass Virtual Instrument (Windows VST 32 & 64 bit) BABY BASS Virtual InstrumentPlugin for VST and Audio Units Version 2.5.6Platform: Windows 32 and 64 BitAvailable as instant download onlyDisponible únicamente como descarga instantan&eacu
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