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Buy and Download   > Description Attention: Marketers Who Want To Make Money Now... What's The Surefire Way To Launch, Develop, Nurture And Grow Your Business Into A Profit-Pulling, Lead-Generating, Cash Flow Flooding Enterprise With Guaranteed Results?... (Yes! You Can Do It... How?... Read on...) "New Software Does It All And A Lot More... Automatically" From the Desks of: Rebecca Hubbard and Dutch Stowe Dear Friend, "Imagine you have a great product at an unbelievable price, packed with fabulous features and extraordinary benefits. It's a perfect product for your target market. Your product or service is a Gem. How do you let people know about your amazing product? Take this quick-quiz..." Check the correct answer Advertise in ezines Recruit an army of affiliates Pay-per-click advertising in search engines Promote in forums & discussion groups Write articles & special reports Giveaway samples All of the above Hint: The correct answer is NOT listed above. Yes! surprisingly, the correct answer is...Joint Ventures! "The Most Effective & Quickest Way To Sell Your Products Fast Is By Making Strategic Joint Ventures." Joint Ventures or JVs for short are alliances you make with other marketers who are already dealing with your target market and earned their prospects' trust. That's right. Joint Venture is the easiest way to earn cash within a couple of weeks or sometimes within a few hours... If you want to make more money, quickly, without investing an awful amount of your personal time and effort, you need to make strategic JVs, bringing-in qualified customers to you... 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. "Joint Ventures are the fastest, most effective strategy today to make successful alliances, generating instant cash-flows..." Let me introduce... Joint Venture Professional... a database-driven software that will bring you a flood of qualified customers... every day of the week. Sound's good? Keep reading. It is possible... "Joint Venture Professional" "A Brand New Software To Turn Your Business Into A Sales Exploding, Cash Flow Generating, Marketing Machine!" "JV Profits" Made Easy With Built-in JV-BROADCAST ™ An ideal Joint Venture is a perfect win-win-win combination for your prospects, your JV partner and yourself. It works like this:- * Prospects get an opportunity to buy from a known source whom they trust * Your JV partner gets commission or whatever the terms of your JV proposal * You quickly get sales, traffic or whatever you had hoped to get as a result of your Joint Venture * Almost always, Joint Ventures are absolutely free of cost to implement "Many self-made millionaires have used Joint Ventures and Cross-Promotion Strategies to make tons of money! Now, It's Your Turn" Successful marketers are constantly on the lookout for prospective JV partners. "I know several website owners, ebook authors, software developers and information product sales people personally. These successful entrepreneurs send 15-20 Joint Venture proposal every week! Yes, you heard it right! 15 to 20 JV proposals are sent every week to prospective Joint Venture partners." "Why so many JV proposals?" A good and logical question. The reason is - - not all Joint Venture proposals get implemented. * Your JV partners might be busy with their own promotions (of course, you always have to deal with busy marketers, don't you?) * The Joint Venture 'terms' may not be agreeable to both the partners * Your prospective JV partner may 'think' your product is not suitable for his prospects * They may require more time to review your product before they consider any Joint Venture with you * In the worst-case scenario, your prospective partner may NOT have received your JV proposal at all (due to spam filters) There are probably other reasons. What do you do now? "That's why I developed JV Professional..." JV Pro is a nifty software, capable of handling all your JV proposals from start to finish, proposal to implementation, idea to profits! JV Pro is a powerful, database driven application that can save you weeks of time and tons of effort by "completely automating" tasks such as:- * Sending your Joint Venture Offers * Broadcasting your JV proposal to all your JV Partners * Receiving JV proposals from other marketers * Tracking of JV proposals * Monitoring every proposal you send or receive * Detailed "filter" based reporting and much, much more... Explode your sales, get tons of subscribers, attract massive targeted traffic to your website using JV Pro's simple, easy-to-use interface. Here's what you can do with JV Pro :- Broadcast JV Offers Broadcast unlimited number of JV proposal to your prospective partners instantly! Have a new product? Draft a joint venture proposal, click "Broadcast" button and let JV Pro send personalized JV letters to your entire list of partners Send Unlimited Joint Venture Proposals Send unlimited individual joint venture proposals and JV Pro automatically keeps track of every proposal in the database Built-in JV Email capability If you want to send proposals by email, JV Pro has a very powerful built-in "sendmail" program to email your JV letter right away Keeps track of joint venture partners Keep a record of every JV proposal you receive from other marketers so that they are not lost in your mailbox or forgotten completely JV's classified into categories Track joint ventures using built-in categories like emails to each others' lists, special discounts, endorsements, free product, access to membership sites etc. Import JV partners Import prospective JV partners from other applications or a text file Built-in "JV-SendMail" program Send your Joint Venture proposal by email from within JV Pro - without any hassles or delays Track and monitor your Joint Venture offers Monitor JV proposals you send or receive using an easy to use interface Follow up JV proposals Initiate follow-up emails for the proposals you send - most JV's get the attention of your partner during follow up Improve Sales by keeping track of jv offers you receive Send reply to the proposals you receive while JV Pro automatically keeps track of every email you send Get Detailed Joint Venture Reports Generate "filter-based" reports of Joint Venture proposals you have sent or received to get only the information you want - - easily and quickly JV Manager keeps track of everything! JV Pro provides you details such as proposal name, product name, sender domain, recipient domain, type of joint venture proposed, means of proposal (by email, phone, fax, regular mail), your partner's profile (partner's name, email, address, company, phone etc.) and related information Joint Venture info at your fingertips! At the click of a button, you can view the entire history of each and every proposal you sent, received, followed up and replied and you are always updated with all the info you need about your Joint Ventures Track using JV Status Manually change the proposal status and keep individual remarks for every proposal you send, receive, follow up or reply View Joint Venture reports or export to Excel View detailed JV Proposal reports on right on your desktop JV Manager, your gateway to Strategic Joint Ventures Of course, JV Pro is a professional quality software, bundled with easy-to-understand, plain-English user guide with step-by-step instructions on installing and using JV Pro on your computer "Yes, I agree JV Pro is a great software, but how much does it cost to buy this amazing utility?" Attention: Marketers Who Want To Make Money Now... What's The Surefire Way To Launch, Develop, Nurture And Grow Your Business Into A Profit-Pulling, Lead-Generating, Cash Flow Flooding Enterprise With Guaranteed Results?... (Yes! You Can Do I
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