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Traffic Tactics Volume #2 Private labels rights included.

Traffic Tactics Volume #2 Private labels rights included. PLDZ-858
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Increase Website Traffic, Explode Your Sales Volumes, And Get More Targeted Prospects...

"Discover 210 Quick & Easy, Totally Unique Tactics To Generating Your Website Traffic For Instant Results... Starting Today!"

Traffic Tactics Volume #2, Instant Download After Purchase

This Is A Must Have For Anyone With A Website: Apply These Little Known Tactics For Maximum Impact And See Your Web Visitor Stats Hit Through The Roof, Sales Records Increase, And Put A Strain On Your Autoresponder With The Hot Flow Of Leads!


Dear Website Owner,

I will keep this letter short and simple. As long as you own a website of any kind, you need this one essential ingredient: i's called traffic.

If you are in business or for profit, you will know that traffic, traffic, traffic is crucial to the website as location, location, location is to real estate.

Without traffic, a website - or an Online Business - will suffer, deteriorate, wither out, and eventually die. This will put your entire efforts to shame and waste because even the best sales copy ever written will not see a chance to be put to the test. And you will never find out if your offer actually converts visitors into customers in the first place.

And NOT just any traffic will do - you need targeted traffic.

The truth is that sending the right visitors to the right websites AND doing this in volumes - require skilled education. This isn't something you can achieve with your eyes blindfolded, not unless you already know what you are doing.

Now for the good news...

Being able to master traffic generation at will cannot get any easier. Within a mouse click from this web page, you will discover my secret, little known tactics that require nothing more than small applications and tweaks to your website and efforts.

Yet the traffic results can be exponentially rewarding.

And the BETTERS news...

Traffic generation mastery has never been so affordable before!

Introducing Traffic Tactics Volume #2:
Fast Traffic Tactics

Here's an exclusive sneak preview into this "Traffic Tactics" volume:
Affiliate Program Tactics

01. Select your target audience first
02. How to approach your target audience
03. Know what is hot and happening
04. Have a positive and realistic mindset
05. Have the right amount of information
06. Use the power of Google Adwords
07. Do your own writing
08. Have a matching affiliate program
09. Promote the in things
10. Get paid - without sales
11. Build a List
12. Targeted Traffic Driving
13. Position links well
14. Clutter free diversification
15. Don't try to fool your readers
16. Look for alternate revenue streams too
17. Use tools effectively
18. Don't Overdo It
19. Follow the results
20. Have your own website
21. Take part in forums and discussion boards
22. Start your own ezine or newsletter
23. Share a trustworthy relation with your readers
24. Use e-mails
25. Have a strong sales page
26. Don't straightaway send prospects to the merchant's page
27. Make people fill out your form
28. Speed of replying
29. Treat affiliates well
30. Exchange plugs with affiliate managers

Controversial Petition Traffic Tactics

01. Petition marketing is a viral marketing petition
02. ePetition
03. The advantage
04. E-petition is almost similar to a feed back form
05. The party
06. Scope for making a lot of money
07. Keyword rich petition content
08. Opt-in subscribers
13. Petition portals
14. Petition script
15. Petition forum
16. Petition Hosting Providers
17. Affiliate program
18. Mailing list managers
19. Sponsored ads
20. Featured petitions
21. Premium services
22. Donations
23. Legal notice
24. Promise privacy
25. Tell a friend tab
26. Petition topics
27. Well written petitions
28. The extra effect
29. Mention your details
30. Positive petitions

Mailing List Advertising Tactics

01. The articles that you send must be highly informative
02. Make your emails simple and user friendly
03. Keep your customers updated
04. Get to the point and quick
05. Experiment, reach out and try different things
06. Work on your current customers to find new business opportunities
07. Make the best use of your sales data base
08. Your employees could be the source to get new clients
09. Lists contained in your server are also a great help
10. Request from your websites
11. E-news letter subscription
12. Try joining various groups and networks
13. Try and figure out your target sale group
14. Online discussion group
15. Get the attention of the media
16. Networking
17. Be careful abut the purchase of mailing list
18. Look at the economic benefits
19. Have the right size of squeeze page
20. Have no outgoing links
21. Use bullets
22. Keep your marketing list up to date
23. Have valid permission
24. Profile your marketing lists
25. Make sure that your mails are not taken as spam
26. Have crisp content
27. Send a reasonable sized email
28. Return receipts
29. Use spell check
30. Test your mails

Paid Web Space Advertising Tactics

01. Revenue models
02. CPM ad
03. Unique impression
04. CPC
05. Risk factor
06. Ad performance
07. CPA
08. Cost per lead
09. Cost per sale
10. Best ad
11. Regular checking of ads
12. Check the ads YOURSELF
13. Ad content
14. Effective advertising
15. Advertising deals
16. Communicative ads
17. Role of Google
18. Expanded matching
19. Increased click
20. Blogging
21. Text link advertising
22. Paid syndication
23. Feed based advertising
24. Banner advertisements
25. PPC
26. News letter advertising
27. Pick up the right sites
28. Attract with banners
29. Correct placement
30. Participate Contest

Pay-Per-Click Tactics

01. Have keywords on the display URL
02. Keep the keywords separated
03. Keep an eye on your position
04. Try out different advertising styles
05. Have the key words on the landing page
06. Avoid landing the potential customers on the home page
07. Have a plan
08. Use a software that can manage your bids
09. Bid sensibly
10. Choose keywords that are less bid for
11. Bid on targeted keywords rather than general ones
12. Bid on the lesser known PPC
13. Create separate ads
14. Get listed in specialty pay per click
15. Write crisp ads
16. Being ranked number is not all that important
17. Try to have an exact match
18. Phrase match
19. Broad match
20. Negative match
21. Contextual targeting
22. Geo-targeting
23. Day parting
24. Keyword research tool
25. Multiple ads
26. Avoid joining the crowd
27. Check the cost and revenue ratio
28. Try other PPC search engines
29. Try to get ranked in the top 3 positions
30. Make your landing page buyer friendly

Increase Website Traffic, Explode Your Sales Volumes, And Get More Targeted Prospects... "Discover 210 Quick & Easy, Totally Unique Tactics To Generating Your Website Traffic For Instant Results... Starting Today!" Traffic Tactics Volume #2
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