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For all of you who dream of working from home...
The Secret To Infinite Profits
Is About To Be Revealed
We have created, tested, revised, tested some more, revised some more,
and continue to test even more, our nearly perfected system of creating
infinite profits from the Internet...
And now we are going to share it with you...

First off, this is not easy.

It isn't easy to really convey what I want to convey to you, so that you realize just how important this really is.

The main difficulty that I have is trying to convince you to listen to me for just a few minutes so that you can understand the full potential of what I am about to share with you right here.

Putting all hype aside, let me say just one thing...
You Are Doing It All Wrong

And to be honest with you, it isn't really your fault. Furthermore, I'm not going to say it's the fault of all the other marketers out there, and I am the only one you should listen to.

That's simply not true. I have personally learned a TON from other marketers, and have made a lot of money because of it.

I'm sure you're wondering what I am talking about, so let me start with a bit of a background story...
Once upon a time, I ran my business all wrong...

That's right. I'm not perfect (surprise!). In fact, I make tons of mistakes. But there is one mistake that has cost me the most in terms of money, peace of mind, and security.

You see, a few years ago I started my own Internet marketing business, selling e-books in a market that had nothing to do with Internet marketing.

Within my first year I grossed about $150,000 in revenue, and I was overjoyed because of it!

In that same year, I also...

* Got married...

* Bought a newer car...

* Bought my first house...

* Paid myself close to $80,000 (the rest went to expenses and to future projects)...

Sounds wonderful, doesn't it? I sure thought so.

But that still didn't change the fact that I was doing it all wrong and that I was dooming myself towards failure.

And because of this fatal mistake, something happened that I wasn't expecting...
I almost went bankrupt...

How on earth could I have come close to bankruptcy when I had almost made $100,000 the year before?


Allow me to be clear here. If you want to make a lot of money, and have that turn into a steady income, then you need to realize that this is not achieved only by:

* Product launches...

* Selling e-books...

* JV partners...

* Selling expensive products...

* Going to seminars...

Not that those things are bad, in fact, they're great! But only if you have one goal in mind:

Chapter 1 - The Infinite Profits System

I've already told you the secret to steady income (i.e. residual income), however, there is still the question of "how."

That is why I start off by teaching you what the Infinite Profits system is.

In chapter 1 you will discover:

* How you can (realistically) build a $12,000 per month income within one year (page 11)

* The entire Infinite Profits system in a nutshell (page 9)

* Why 99 of Internet business owners fail (page 8)

* Why my lawyers get up-tight about this e-book (page 7)

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Chapter 2 - Who on earth are you gonna sell to?

There's no point starting a business if you don't first decide who you are going to sell to.

Choosing a niche market is not always easy, but I can help a lot by simplifying the process for you.

In chapter 2 you will discover:

* How much time you should spend choosing a market (page 12)

* The four-step method to finding a profitable market (page 13)

* The three types of high-profit markets (page 14)

* The three "litmus tests" that you can apply to almost instantly know if a market is profitable (page 18, 22, and 27)

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Chapter 3 - Makin' Your First Product Infinite-Profits-Style

Once you know who you are going to market to, you need to make high-value products that they will want to buy.

However, it's not obvious how to do this right, which is why I outline exactly what to do.

In chapter 3 you will discover:

* Why creating your own products is essential to profits (page 32)

* The Infinite Profits Quick and Easy Product Creation system (page 33)

* How to choose a hot topic that will make others WANT to buy from you (page 34)

* What to do if you aren't an expert on the topic but want to sell it anyway (page 37)

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Chapter 4 - Sellin' Your Product to the Masses

Is it really enough to just have a product? Of course not! You need a website to sell it on!

Unfortunately most people think they have to know everything about HTML and web design before they can do this. Chapter 4 will teach you otherwise.

In chapter 4 you will discover:

* What is truly needed to sell products online (page 44)

* The big secret to getting over the hurtle of technology (page 47)

* Why most web designers don't know anything about Internet Marketing (page 49)

* The structure you need to know to make a profit-pulling website (page 50)

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Chapter 5 - Gettin' Eyes On Your Site

Alright, you will soon have a market, a product, and a website, so what's missing?

TRAFFIC! This is the chapter you've been waiting for - how to get traffic to your new website.

In chapter 5 you will discover:

* Whether or not you should even use Google Adwords (page 72)

* Two powerful "freeish" methods of driving more targeted prospects to your site (pages 74 and 79)

* My favorite method of driving traffic - JV Partners (page 83)

* How you, a beginner with a small (or non-existant) list can get JV partners to promote for you (page 85

For all of you who dream of working from home... The Secret To Infinite Profits Is About To Be Revealed We have created, tested, revised, tested some more, revised some more, and continue to test even more, our nearly perfected system of crea
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