Wellness,Last Resort Healing, Pain Relief, Bullying (Windows)

Wellness,Last Resort Healing, Pain Relief, Bullying (Windows) WHPB-WMV
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This Wellness and Healing and Pain Relief Package also includes a response to Bullying that creates closure. 

Included: Healing/Pain Relief (self-administered)

               Pre-Hab Techniques

               Hand and Elbow Pain/Flexibility/Speed Conditioning

               Full Body Oxygenation for Health and Performance

               Empowerment over Adversity, Intimidation, and Bullying

The "healing" video is usually a "last resort" technique when all else fails or there isn't any other access to treatments. It features a self administered, breathing technique that increases the flow of oxygen to all parts of the body. It expands body tissue and joints to allow greater flow of oxygen and also toxin removal.

The first part of the video is an actual healing session where severe disc pain was greatly diminished for several hours. Being a live recording, anyone can follow along with the therapy treatment's breathing process. No equipment or medicine is needed.

Any issue that can benefit from increased oxygenation and increased toxin removal has a chance of being healed in some way or another.

 The Pre-Hab video presents techniques for prevention or immediate application to immediately begin the healing process by increasing oxygenation.

The Removing Hand Tension Video is a conditioning and healing of the fingers, hands, elbows and joints. Flexibility, speed, sensitiveity, energy flow, and pain relief are areas addressed in this natural exercise.

Full Body Oxygenation is a complete performance conditioning regimine of exercise. Oxygenation fuels all the body processes as well as heals the joints and tissues. Power, movement, balance, and healing are enhanced with the full body oxygenation process. Pain relief is also possible.


The Empowerment Video features several methods of obtaining closure in situations of intimidation, adversity, or bullying. Realistically, there usually is not going to be any realistic assistance from authority figures and institutions. The issue has to be self resolved. Other goals, social ramifications, and priorities have to be considered. Therefore successful closure techniques are required. Taking control over these disturbing situations can actually lead to an empowerment.

Keep in mind that one of the major factors that impede success is the debilitating ramifications of bullying, intimidation, and adversity.

Basically speaking: "If you stop to throw rocks at every barking dog; You will never reach your destination."  Winston Churchhill.

This Wellness and Healing and Pain Relief Package also includes a response to Bullying that creates closure. Included: Healing/Pain Relief (self-administered) Pre-Hab Techniques Hand and Elbow Pain/Flexibility/Speed
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