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Millionaire Software Tycoon Secrets With Master Resale Rights

Millionaire Software Tycoon Secrets With Master Resale Rights PLDZ-679
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Buy and Download   > Description "How To Make A Killing By Creating Your Own Software Empire Even If You Don't Know How To Program Your Own Remote Control!"

Get yourself a drink, slam the door shut on your office, and get ready for an all out revealing ride into the thrilling world of extremely profitable software development!

These Tightly Guarded Strategies Have Been Behind Lock & Key For Years But You're Going To Get The Keys To The Kingdom!
I want to emphasize a few things for you.

1) It's easy to find a person to turn your idea into a real, working piece of software that people will pay for. I will show you where to find them and how to deal with them for the smoothest experience you could ever imagine with NO PROGRAMMING.

2) It isn't expensive. You're going to learn how you can get these outsourcers to do your bidding for you. You do not have to feel bad offering them a cheap price. They will bid on your project offering you dirt cheap rates and they'll love you for it, if you select them to work on your project! (I had a great piece of software written for just $60 in one instance and I own all the rights to it and sell it for $500 a copy, and it sells very well at that price, too!)

3) This does NOT take up boatloads of your time to do. You will be able to monitor the progress of your project in just a couple of minutes a day, I will walk you through everything step by step!

I'm sure you'll agree that these are some truly amazing benefits you'll gain and to make sure that the whole system is super-easy for you to follow...
You're Getting The Whole System In An Easy To Follow, Paint-By-Numbers Format Called The "Millionaire Software Tycoon Secrets"
You're getting 'insider information' from the secret inner world of the software industry that will show you what those big software companies don't want you to know!

This information is highly guarded and confidential!

You'll be getting an easy to follow plan that will make you a pro software developer in no time without any programming whatsoever!

Here Are Just A Few Of The Amazing Morsels That You'll Find Within The Pages Of Millionaire Software Tycoon Secrets

Secret Hide Outs Where The Best & Most Affordable Programmers Hang Out! Without this valuable info, you won't be anywhere near as successful as with it!

Efficiency Systems For Making Sure Your Work Gets Done Just How You Want It! I include easy to follow, step by step instructions so you leave nothing out and your project gets done to your specs without multiple headaches and redo hassles!

Tricks That Weed Out Bad Programmers & Bring To Light The Great Ones! (The 'bad' guys don't want this information to get out!)

How To Make Sure Your Software Runs Smoothly And Is Tested Properly! Intensive testing is the sure path to success - but you need to know HOW... and I show you!

The Top Secret Planning Method That Shows The Programmer Exactly What You Want! They love it and they will love you for knowing this beforehand!

How To Create Million Dollar Software Ideas & Blueprint Them Quickly! Every resource you need is going to be right at your fingertips with Millionaire Software Tycoon Secrets.

And Here Is Just A Little Bit More Of What's Included...

Where To Look For Super Cheap, Super Qualified Software Programmers (It's NOT where you think!)

Get Your Software Created Without EVER Looking At Programming Code! That's right, you don't even have to know how to program your VCR to get awesome software created!

How To Select The Right Outsourcer For Your Projects Success! Getting the right person or firm FIRST is essential to your success - and it's all inside this course!

Easy Design Secrets That Make Your Software Come Alive Fast! You can stop dreaming about a successful software business and finally attain it!

Are You READY Now To Have Your Own Cash Producing Software Empire Without Looking At A Single Line Of Programming Code?
Just By Using Our Simple Outlined Path Of Action You'll Find...

1. Your Own Programmer To Turn Your Dream Or Idea Into Reality!

2. The Simple Way To Developing The Next Big Software Hit!

3. The Exact Planning Method That Makes Sure Your Project Is Done Right!

4. How To Get Your Project Done Cheaply While Producing Extremely High Quality!

"Millionaire Software Tycoon Secrets Pretty Much Has To Cost An Arm And A Leg, Right?" Actually, it's very inexpensive.

I truly want you to finally get up and running with your own online business and have your own software ideas come to life. I can't wait to see you turn your Internet marketing dreams into reality!

It also wouldn't make much sense for me to charge you hundreds or thousands of dollars for a system that is showing you how to save a ton of money.

You want to save money from the beginning right?

I will tell you right from the "get go" that I will only be making this available to a limited number of people because I don't want everyone taking all of my good programmers and I'm sure you don't either.

So if you act today you'll secure one of these limited copies of Millionaire Software Tycoon Secrets.

That's right, while there are still copies available I'm going to let you snag one for just $2
Jump Up And Grab The Income You Know You Deserve Using The Easy To Follow Plan Inside Of Millionaire Software Tycoon Secrets!

Order "Millionaire Software Tycoon Secrets" Today and start your profit flood with a proven, reliable, affordable way to create your own software business!

Since I know it's 100 to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today!

So here's an extra VERY special offer: Would you also like to have bonus resell rights to the "Millionaire Software Tycoon Secrets" course?

You'll be able to sell the "Millionaire Software Tycoon Secrets" course to your customers and keep 100 of the profits. Your resell rights come with a complete website salesletter, and professional graphics for you to promote the "Millionaire Software Tycoon Secrets" course with.

I'm also adding Three More Bonuses for you: The first bonus is a 5-Day Software Outsourcers E-course you can put right on your sales page to help you get more orders with your reseller page and build your list with.

The second and third extra bonuses: I'm also going to give you 12 Solo Ads and 10 Software Outsourcing Articles you can use to promote your new product business. How's that for 'sweetening the pot'?

So now when you order Millionaire Software Tycoon Secrets, you'll have your very own product that you can sell to YOUR customers and keep all the profits! There is no additional charge for the bonuses or the resell rights today. It's ALL included in your one time payment of just $1.75

"How To Make A Killing By Creating Your Own Software Empire Even If You Don't Know How To Program Your Own Remote Control!" Get yourself a drink, slam the door shut on your office, and get ready for an all out revealing ride into the thrilling wo
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