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2015 Megalithomania Box-Set + Forum

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PATRICK MACMANAWAY- Megaliths, Dragons and Agriculture, Ancient and Modern

Research has shown a 300% yield increase in maize after a pre-germination period in a pyramid – a 400% increase in rice germination was observed in a contemporary on-farm stone circle. Balancing dragon-line energies and blessing fields can show a 10-45% yield increase with healthier and more pest and disease-resistant crops, and increased fertility and health in animals. Patrick will present insights and results of subtle-energy work in agriculture from the UK, US and Australia.

RICHARD HEATH - Sacred Number and the Lords of Time
The John Michell Memorial Lecture - hosted by Christine Rhone

Richard's presentation will show how astronomy and land surveying became possible to late stone age society through the simple manipulation of numbers held as lengths. The idea of a previous super-civilisation, predating the megalithic, becomes unnecessary if evidence from the Megalithic can be re-interpreted - as able to achieve an accurate geocentric astronomy and model of the earth, without requiring modern arithmetic or equipment. By recovering the achievements of the megalith builders, the projection of unproven ideas (such as savage rituals) onto Stonehenge and other such sites can be seen to be an uncreative fiction. His latest book can help relearn megalithic numerology and de-project savages, in order to get to the raison d'etre of megalithic societies.

JIM VIEIRA (Live from the U.S.) - Megaliths, Stonework, and Giants from Ancient New England

A stonemason by trade, Jim Vieira has studied indigenous American oral history and historical texts in an attempt to better understand humanities past. In this lecture he will focus on the megaliths, stonework and ancient cultures of New England, and examine the skeletal remains found in Northeast America, that led him into another area of research - giants. Jim will also explore the cover-up that has suppressed the origins of the megaliths, and the 'tall ones' who may have been involved in their construction. Jim is also presenting on Sunday night. (Both lectures will be Live via Skype from America.)

CHRIS H. HARDY Ph.D - The Sacred Network: Leys, Megaliths and the French Connection

First marked by the standing stones of our megalithic ancestors, the world’s sacred sites are not only places of spiritual energy but also hubs of cosmic energy and earthly energy. Generation upon generation has recognized the power of these sites, with the result that each dominant culture builds their religious structures on the same spots. Chris Hardy shows how the world’s sacred sites coincide with the intersections of energetic waves from the earth’s geomagnetic field and how–via their megaliths, temples, and steeples–these sites act as antennae for the energies of the cosmos. Delving deeply in to Paris’s sacred network, she also explores the intricate geometrical patterns created by the alignments of churches and monuments, such as pentagrams and Stars of David. 

PETER KNIGHT - Stolen Images: Ancient Sites, Pagan Symbolism and Christianity

In this lecture Peter shows how the Church adopted and assimilated pre-Christian myths and symbols for its own use, to help promote its own agenda. Most Christian icons can be traced back to an older origin, and many churches were also sited on ancient holy places. The Church also took over existing Pagan festivals and turned them into saint's days. This fascinating talk links Egyptian, Norse, Greek, Celtic and other cultures to Christianity.

HUGH NEWMAN - Forgotten Stones: Secrets of the Megalithic Quarries

Is there an ancient tradition of 'the birthplace of the temple', or the quarry where the stones that make up megalithic temples came from? Are megalithic quarries acrtually 'sacred sites'? Hugh has investigated several of these quarries and realised the megalith builders may have passed down a very ancient tradition, through multiple generations, that was part of a ritual technique that was seen to bring the stones to ‘life’ and imbue them with ‘power’, as well as leaving clues to future generations as to how they worked, quarried and moved these stones. Modern Freemasons and tribal societies still have access to this knowledge, but now in a more ritualized form. As we’ll see as we survey these sites worldwide, it quickly appears that the ancients deliberately left ‘signatures’, incorporating abstract style, technique, relief carvings, and even hidden geometry, metrology, geodesy and number systems. These covert practices lasted for thousands of years and may give a clue into their mindset and spiritual purpose. Hugh is also presenting on Sunday night.


ALL 6 TALKS + SPEAKERS FORUM PATRICK MACMANAWAY- Megaliths, Dragons and Agriculture, Ancient and ModernResearch has shown a 300% yield increase in maize after a pre-germination period in a pyramid – a 400% increase in rice germination was o
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