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Excel Point Of Sale - Cash Register

Excel Point Of Sale - Cash Register PLDZ-43
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2017's Excel Product Of The Year! 



Excel POS Software for Windows runs on 32-bit or 64-bit MS Office (2013 or 2016+) and turns your existing Windows Laptop, PC or Tablet and your existing installation of MS Excel into a fully functional POS Point of Sale software solution. Extremely user-friendly, intuitive and robust. Installs in seconds and your business will be up and running today! Over 1000 happy downloads so far!

Download and Setup Of Excel Point of Sale is incredibly easy. View the Download/Setup instruction video below!

Generate and use barcodes in a snap!

Easily Organize Products By Category and View By Category at time of sale:

Use Excel Point Of Sale as Public Facing Kiosk - Self Service Orders!

Our latest update to the popular Excel Point Of Sale software allows you to configure it for use as a public facing touch screen kiosk so that patrons and customers and can walk into your establishment and place an order for themselves in Excel Point Of Sale!

Simply install Excel Point Of Sale to a secured touch-screen device such as a Surface Pro 3 and allow your customers to walk in, and place an order! As orders are placed, a receipt is automatically generated that the customer can then bring up to the cashier (who is running a second installation of Excel Point of Sale) so that they can pay for their items!

All that is needed for this complete system is a Windows Laptop/PC and Microsoft Excel 2013 or higher!



Boost your restaurant, food service or short-order business to the next level with the Excel Point of Sale - Restaurant Plug-In !

This plug-in works with your existing installation of Excel Point of Sale and functions as a live display for your kitchen / cooking staff of orders that were recently placed.

As food orders are placed using Excel Point of Sale, their details are beatifully displayed on a a clean, un-cluttered, interactive interface for your staff so that they know what types of food items to prepare.


This add-on can be downloaded separately at:



Development/Release Notes:

24Sep2017 - Major update to allow use on both 32 bit and 64 bit machines!

08Jan2017 - Major update to include the Public Facing Kiosk functionality!

02Jan2017 - Misc bug fixes and enhancements.

16Dec2016 - Updated software to fix an issue with latest Microsoft Update that prevented the main menu from displaying.

18Nov2016 - Updated software to correct a bug where an error message would display when saving admin settings.

04Nov2016 - Major software update to allow easier way to scan barcodes to have the system automatically find product images and descriptions.

01Jan2015 - System Release Date



2017's Excel Product Of The Year! Excel POS Software for Windows runs on 32-bit or 64-bit MS Office (2013 or 2016+) and turns your existing Windows Laptop, PC or Tablet and your existing installation of MS Excel into a fully functional
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Ma Pro Shops


I purchased the Excel POS for my small seasonal shop and I will now use it all year round!


Does not work properly

Software does not work. Once I loaded a few items and pictures the software became amazingly slow. Every time I opened the new cart it would take about 5 minutes to open up. Obviously this is not usable. I can''t have my customers wait for 5 minutes to check out. Plus he refused to refund me. What a scammer.

Williams Game Co.


I Love it. Using it for a small hobby shop as a touch screen register!



The Excel Point of Sale solves a much needed niche, that being ability to have an easy to use POS while retaining all data in Excel


Save your money - the program doesn''t work!

It keeps crashing and crashing, just doesn''t t work in my computer. The seller refused refund, so save your money, don''t get tricked in buying for something that would not work!