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Pay Per Play Profits With Master Resale Rights

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Buy and Download   > Description Warning! A HUGE Online Advertising Revolution On The Horizon Is About To Explode In The Coming Weeks!

This Unprecedented Revolution Is About To Pay Website Owners BIG Time - For The First Time Ever, Website Owners Can Get Paid By Multi-Million Dollar Companies For Each And Every Visitor They Generate To Their Sites!

But That's Just The Tip Of The Iceberg - The Few People Who Promote This New "Pay Per Play" Revolution Are Looking At A Lifetime Of Unlimited Residual Income Two Levels Deep (And It Could Be Switched On By Sending One Simple Email To Your List)...

(Make No Mistake - This Is The Internet Marketing Opportunity Of A Lifetime - But Blink And A Sea Of Untapped Profits Will Rush By You)...

Dear Website Owner & Internet Marketer,

This is a message that I genuinely hope reaches you. Because I know it's going to be like a needle lost deep within a haystack of hype. If you read this, it could be the internet marketing equivalent of winning the lottery. But only if you take this information very seriously and then take action.

The Reason Behind The Opportunity - The Powerful Trend Change That Means Billions Of Advertising Dollars Is Going To Be Spent On A Website Near YOU...

We all know that advertising is a multi-trillion dollar a year industry. In fact, did you know that a single advert in the superbowl costs $2.6 million. Multimillion dollar companies are willing to pay this type of cash for a few seconds of your time - because they know an event like the superbowl generates staggering viewing figures of a hundred million people - and that means a lot of exposure for them.

But now, these multi-million dollar brand name companies are discovering that there's a real problem with standard television - an increasing portion of their audience - millions of people, are spending less time in front of the television and more time on the internet.

Millions of people are going to various online sites. Sites about their hobbies - their professions - their health...and so on. The effectiveness of traditional media (TV) adverts have taken a nose-dive. These corporate giants are waking up to this fact as their ad executives tell directors and CEOs that "the ROI's just aren't stacking up!".

The result? These multi-million dollar companies are looking to penetrate the internet (online) advertising industry for increased exposure. Do you know what happens to a market when millions - perhaps even billions of dollars - is injected into it?

It goes NUTS!

Well, wake up and smell the coffee - this process has already started...and if you're a website owner you're in POLE position to take serious advantage of this coming revolution. You're about to uncover a whole new world...

The New Advertising Revolution Called "Pay Per Play" Is Here - How & Why Millions Of Websites Will Switch From Existing Affiliate Models To Pay Per Play Almost Immediately

Do you know one of the most crippling problems that many website owners face?

They are simply unable to convert traffic into cash!

Most website owners are not marketing geniuses. There are millions of "mom and pop" type websites where even decent volumes of traffic fail to convert into cash for the site owners. Some freebie type sites get large volumes of traffic but unfortunately rely solely on contextual income like Adsense to rely on income.

Look, I'm not going to trash Adsense - it has carved a huge niche for itself online - but some site owners in certain niches cannot make real incomes with it because the conversion rates and payouts just do not facilitate it. For example, even if you're pulling in 100,000 visitors a month, but only 1 of them convert and the payout is 10 cents per click... well that's barely $100 a month. Who can live off that?

This is an increasing problem for many many websites - millions of them in fact. And that's exactly the problem that Pay Per Play solves.

With Pay Per Play, The Website Owner Earns From Every Single Website Visitor That The Site Owner Generates. They Don't Have To Buy A Thing. They Don't Have To Click On Any Links - They Just Have To BE!

It's the monetization model that millions of website owners have been praying for since the dawn of privately owned websites. It's finally here, and it's funded by some of the richest companies around.

Bottom line? Website owners get paid real money for every last visitor that comes to their site. Without exception.

Here's just a taster of what you'll discover inside Pay Per Play Profits:

The need for "Pay Per Play" How the internet advertising industry has evolved and why pay per play could be bigger than every form of advertising you see now (including PPC, conventional pay-per-sale and pay-per-leads). Online and offline advertising trends (and why the tide is turning enormously toward website owners).

What exactly is pay per play? How it works, and how it addresses the biggest problem that both website owners and huge companies looking for advertising face.

Which website owners can benefit from pay per play?

The logistics of pay per play - How adverts are displayed and matched on your site, and a working example of a site with PPP installed.

The benefits of pay per play - Why pay per play ads are so cool... barely noticed and unobtrusive requiring no action or involvement whatsoever from the website visitor. This is important - some adverts online are mind-numbingly irritating (pop-ups, videos that just start up and paralyze and take control of your browser etc) - pay per leads have none of these effects.

Warning! A HUGE Online Advertising Revolution On The Horizon Is About To Explode In The Coming Weeks! This Unprecedented Revolution Is About To Pay Website Owners BIG Time - For The First Time Ever, Website Owners Can Get Paid By Multi-Million Do
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