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Employees who rate below the acceptable range following evaluation might be __________.  A) demoted  B) given a salary reduction  C) terminated  D) any of these 2.  _____________ may be legally responsible for the actions of a single officer.  A) Direct managers  B) An entire law enforcement agency  C) The jurisdiction served and the law enforcement agency  D) all of these 3.  Behaviorally anchored rating scales (BARS) require __________.  A) an employee to rate himself or herself  B) statistical analyses of group self-perceptions  C) the rating of individual employees on a scale  D) the rating of group traits on a scale of 1 to 5 4.  The most difficult task for law enforcement managers is __________.  A) discipline of senior officers  B) budgeting  C) hiring employees  D) firing employees 5.  Police logs can provide basic information for __________.  A) assignment of personnel where needed  B) types of incidents  C) times of incidents  D) all of these 6.  The _____________ is the most widely used psychological assessment test in the country.  A) Myers-Briggs Type Indicator  B) Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory  C) California Personality Profile  D) Strong-Campbell Aptitude Assessment 7.  A yellow-dog contract __________.  A) makes it mandatory to join the union  B) prevents management from belonging to a union  C) prohibits new employees from joining a union  D) permits managers to join the union 8.  If an employee is transferred during a rating period, __________.  A) only the first supervisor should do the rating  B) only the second supervisor should do the rating  C) both supervisors should do a rating  D) the rating period should be adjusted to start over on the transfer date 9.  Vicarious liability refers to __________.  A) individual acts of criminal liability  B) individual acts of civil liability  C) legal responsibility for the acts of another  D) nonresponsibility of local government jurisdiction 10.  Performance appraisals _________.  A) may determine promotions  B) determine how employees are performing police tasks  C) determine how performance may be improved  D) all of these 11.  Law enforcement managers tend to focus on the __________ future.  A) immediate  B) mid-range  C) extended-range  D) distant 12.  The purpose of CALEA is __________.  A) to ensure that officers received adequate compensation for line-of-duty injuries  B) to encourage the unionization of police organizations  C) to set national standards against which agencies can evaluate themselves  D) to require smaller law enforcement agencies to increase their professionalism 13.  A purpose of evaluation is to _________.  A) set standards for task performance  B) promote common understanding  C) set future objectives  D) all of these 14.  Studies have found that two-officer patrol units are __________.  A) safer than single-officer units  B) less likely to generate a complaint from a citizen  C) less cost-effective than single-officer units  D) all of these 15.  Shift assignments should be based on __________.  A) officers’ requests  B) management’s professional opinions  C) data  D) random assignment 16.  One symptom of low productivity is __________.  A) low absenteeism  B) unreasonable grievances  C) increased reasonable complaints  D) low crash rates 17.  When conducting an interview, avoid asking __________.  A) leading questions  B) questions that call for a simple yes or no  C) for information protected by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act  D) all of these 18.  The Kansas City Study of Preventive Patrol found that increasing routine preventive patrol __________.  A) decreased crime rates  B) decreased citizen fear of crime  C) had a deterrent effect in surrounding communities  D) produced no measurable change 19.  During the interview the interview board should __________.  A) ask different questions to fit the candidate

Employees who rate below the acceptable range following evaluation might be __________. A) demoted B) given a salary reduction C) terminated D) any of these 2. _____________ may be legally responsible for the actions of a single officer. A) Dir
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