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Discover The Secret Sales "Dirty Tricks" Used By The Top Copywriters To Rake In Tons Of Cash Every Single Day

Dear Friend,

It's a fact. Successful Internet Marketers use "secret dirty tricks" to boost the effectiveness of their sales copy.

Although many of them won't admit to the fact. Still, it's the TRUTH!

Some of them may not even realize they're using them. And some of them DO know. The latter half are the folks that are raking in the cash daily.

So what IS a "secret dirty trick"? Well, that's easy. It is a sly method used by people to get a desired reaction out of another person.

When you think of these words, you may think "rip-off", "unethical", or "illegal".

Let's get one thing straight right off the bat. The tactics discussed in this report are NOT illegal. They are NOT unethical. They are NOT a rip-off.

But they ARE a bit on the "crafty" side. Crafty or not, the point is they work. And if you're not using them, then you're losing money.

These sneaky tactics scream out. . .


And boy do they ever get that type of reaction. You're reading this sales letter, right?

It caught your attention, didn't it?

Even if you consider yourself the most honest person in the world, you still want to know what these so called "dirty tricks" are, don't you?

Maybe to arm yourself against them. Or maybe to use them yourself.

The fact of the matter is, you are here, reading these words right now regardless of the reason. So the title I used worked to get your attention and make you take the action I desired. You are reading this sales letter.

And really, it's simply a matter of human nature. People always want to know the dirty secrets that others seem to be hiding.

Why do you think all those "rag mags" sell so well? Sure, you probably know that most, if not all of the stories published are a load of tripe. But you still want to read it. Even if it's just to prove to yourself you were right and it's nothing but a pack of filthy lies.

Dirty trick I know. That's the point! And that's just what you're going to learn inside this report. How to do the exact same thing to bring you in more money.

Seduction masters know something that most others don't (including marketers)...and many never will...

They know that you can't use the usual 'selling and advertising' techniques to sell yourself and get beautiful women to go out with you. (Granted, "looks" aren't the most important thing...but try telling that to most men!)

You see it all the time, all around you...

Many guys are always trying to impress women with the size of their paycheck, expensive cars, their social status, etc. Even if these tactics happen to work, at best, they attract the wrong kind of women (i.e. women who are more interested in what you 'have' than who you are.)

All the while, there are average-looking guys, without a lot of money or flashy cars or even any real sense of 'fashion'... walking around with women who could be highly-paid models if they wanted to be.

I'll reveal one of their biggest secrets right here...

These guys are successful because they know how to 'rig' the dating game so that SHE starts chasing YOU!

So, instead of doing what most guys do (trying to convince a woman to "Date me, date me, pleeeease date me!"), you set things up in such a way that the women will want to pick you, over most other men who are approaching her.

This is something very few men know how to do... The strategy is even lost on many marketers (even those who are actually making some money from their business.)

Now... what if you could find out how to use the above strategy, as well as all the other core strategies that the seduction masters use?

But more importantly...

What if you could learn to apply all of those strategies to your marketing... to your product and your business?

Can you imagine what it would do to your results i.e profits? And, how effectively would it separate you from every other marketer and entrepreneur in your niche?

That's what this report is about...

It reveals the core strategies, principles AND mindset behind the success of master seducers. Then, it translates each of those strategies into "marketing" applications... so that you can take those strategies and apply them to your web site, product, and business... for an almost instantaneous increase in profits.

What's really great is, once you know this stuff, you can apply it to any area of life! You're not just limited to the business (or dating) world.

For example, you could use it to get that raise, motivate a child away from drugs or alcohol, the applications are endless. Because, what you're really learning are the core strategies of getting people to do what you want...AND making them feel great for doing it!

In other words, there's no buyer's remorse because you're not tricking people into doing what they don't want. Instead, 'seducing' them so that THEY are chasing after YOU.

Get Your Hands On This Valuable Information Now

Dirty Tricks That Sell provides you with a set of ten of the best income boosting copywriting "dirty tricks", all described in full detail - and with lots of examples.

Even if you successfully use just one of these strategies in your business, it could easily add hundreds or even thousands of dollars to your profits.

Added to all this valuable information are the truly awesome secrets revealed in our comprehensive 29 page Marketing Secrets Of Seduction Masters.

I'm also going to include a copy of The Real Secrets Of Powerful Seduction, a powerful follow up course to the Seduction Masters ebook, which reveals yet more income boosting seduction marketing techniques.

I think you'll agree that this is a very valuable package of information, with loads of "secret" tactics that could really help you to start raking in tons of cash, whatever market you are targeting.

Top copywriters charge a lot of money for their services. It's not unusual to pay $2,000 or more for a professionally written sales letter - and of course they charge even more for valuable information on how they acheive success.

You could therefore expect to pay a very substantial sum for the valuable information contained in these reports.

However if you order this superb package right now, it can be yours for the low price of just $2.95.
Discover The Secret Sales "Dirty Tricks" Used By The Top Copywriters To Rake In Tons Of Cash Every Single Day Dear Friend, It's a fact. Successful Internet Marketers use "secret dirty tricks" to boost the effectiveness of their sales copy.
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