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Check Yourself, Before You Wreck Yourself!!

Joey Diaz is one of my absolute favorite comedians. I''ve listened to podcast after podcast, and listened to his comedy albums. Joey just has a way to talk about anything, and turn it into a hilarious rant. This comedy album just adds to it. Listen to it when you drive. Listen to it at work. Listen to it at home. We all need a laugh, and Joey is definitely a king at providing that.



The best of the best. Joey Diaz is a character you never met and want to know everything about, trust me dog. STOP FUCKING AROUND and hit that buy button.

beum (pronounced bee-uhm)

Just in time for the holidays

Everything out of Joey''s mouth is comedy gold. At $5 dollars it''s a bargain so pick up an extra copy for a friend or a family member. Give them best gift you can give for the holidays, LAUGHTER. They will love you for it and shower you with hugs and kisses... maybe... if you shower beforehand... Anyways, happy holidays!


Quality stuff

Simply put, if you''re a fan of Joey Diaz you wont be let down. Buy two copies and smoke a fat number out of respect for the big man.