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Buy and Download   > Description Forget Asking For A Link Exchange Directory Submission is the Key to Strengthening Your Google PR & Increasing Your SE Rank! The Current Version is v3.0 loaded with more then 2700+ Directories and loads more features! Limited Offer - Directory Submitter Resale-Master Rights package? Dear Fellow Internet Marketer / Website Owner, Do you really know what it takes to quickly generate high-quality traffic to your Web Site? Listen up I must let you in on a few insider *secrets*: We all know that generating traffic to a new website can be frustrating. I remember the days of checking my user status, only to find 10 or 15 hits per day. It seemed like such a slow, tedious process that I, frankly, did not have the patience for. Getting a new website on the map isn't easy! In order to be successful, you have to understand web development, search engine operations, linking campaigns, and of course, you need a marketing strategy. My name is Your Name, and I have spent the last 5 years researching web traffic generation. I've spent thousands of hours experimenting with new software and ideas. When I first began, the process seemed archaic- I was individually emailing webmasters for links, and eventually, submitting to directory after directory, one at a time The manual link directory submission process seemed so wearisome, but I knew it didn't have to be I'll be perfectly honest. I created this website because I have teamed up with a Master Programmer to create a revolutionary new piece of software that makes the monotonous first stages of traffic generation a breeze. It is a piece of software that will drive specific, targeted customers to your site in hoards I can predict with strong conviction that with our software, your user status will triple or even quadruple in 60 days or less. But here is the best part we can offer you the complete software package for less than the cost of a reasonable website advertisement. But I am getting way ahead of myself... Because of my background, I understand how much time, energy, and patience it requires to become a truly successful web developer. I have spent years studying every nuance of web traffic development technique that has come out and I still don't know everything there is to learn. But one thing I do know is that by submitting your website to high quality Link Directories your sites Link Popularity, Google PR and Search Engine Ranking will increase, thus will the number of visitors coming to your website and over all your online sales. In a few moments, I'm going to tell you about the best way to generate targeted, consistent traffic every day. But before we get to that, it's important to understand the key concepts of search engine operations. If you know very little about link pop, Google PR, and reciprocal linking strategies, don't stress. I designed this website just for you. I've spent a lot of time (probably too much) learning the ins and outs of web traffic development. Here you will find several articles that will explain, in the simplest terms, what you need to know before beginning your web traffic campaign. Basically I've done the dirty work so you don't have to We created Link Directory Submitter because we knew that the directory submission process could be made easier and more efficient. we also knew that by increasing the rate of directory submissions at such a phenomenal rate, our customers would have user numbers blowing through the roof! In essence, my partner and I took a process that is usually accomplished in MONTHS and whittled it down to something that can be done in a few HOURS. Instead of waiting months to generate sales on your site, you can start gaining the hits you want right now. So how does this new software work? Link Directory Submitter is the perfect solution for sending your sites to a multitude of pre-configured online directories. Link Directory Submitter comes with 2700+ link directories to submit to, more than half ranging from PR4 to PR7. Our directory submitter does not contain FFA pages or Link farms. Instead you will find specific, highly targeted directory sites just like DMOZ and many many more. There are only 3 easy steps required: · Create a profile (That is, the common data you usually have to repeatedly type by hand: your site address, link title, description, keywords, etc). This is a one-time process. · Select up to 10 directories at a time that you want to submit to from the list of over 2700+ directories along with a category/subcategory for your site. Link Directory Submitter will fill in all the other details. NEW FEATURE: Link Directory Submitter will now auto select the category for your website you are trying to submit if you have included them in your website profile. · Now Press Submit. · You're all done. And even more power has now been put into your hands with the release of v3.0 of Directory Submitter. With Link Directory Submitter v3.0 you can now create your own Custom Directory Database by simply adding your own directories into the submitter that you find online, No more waiting for us to update the online database of directories into the submitter... You can now add your own directories... Here is a screen shot of the directory submitter software. The latest version is 3.0 with 2700+ directories By now I guess you are wondering: "Is this software really going to work?" Well we would like to offer you the chance to try it out, risk-free for 30 days. We could easily sell the software for $197, and it would be worth every penny at that price. And we may even raise it to that price in the near future. However we understand that not every webmaster has a huge budget to spend on software to help promote their websites. So for now, we have priced The Directory Submitter at a one-time price of only $67 so order now before we change our minds and increase the price to $197 Let's recap on what you can expect from the Link Directory Submitter: You'll increase your site popularity in record time. You'll receive more traffic by gaining a higher position in search engines, such as Google, Yahoo! and MSN. You'll stop wasting time manually submitting to link directories. You won't have to search for themed websites. We now have more then 2700+ quality directories already included. You will greatly reduce your reciprocal links from your website because more then half the directories included in the software require NO back links to them. You'll cut down the number of directory rejections. You don't have to upload anything to your website. Everything is done from your desktop! You can submit ALL of your sites by using multiple profiles. The software is so easy, my 10-year-old niece whizzed through it in a matter of minutes! Each link directory in the submitter shows the directory's current Google PR. You get FREE lifetime updates to any new versions we release. You get fresh link directories to submit to by simply clicking the Update Directory Button from within the software, Each month we add between 50-100+ new directories into the submitter. The Link Title, Site Description and Keywords are rotated with each submission to a directory. This is to make each submission look as unique as possible from each other, and also to help get your website listed in search engines under many different keywords and link titles. Import and Export website profiles is now also included Users can now assign a custom color to each directory in the submitter, this is useful if the user wishes to use a color coding system to keep track of su Forget Asking For A Link Exchange Directory Submission is the Key to Strengthening Your Google PR & Increasing Your SE Rank! The Current Version is v3.0 loaded with more then 2700+ Directories and loads more features! Limited Offer - Dire
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