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Instant Sales Booster With Resale Rights

Instant Sales Booster With Resale Rights PLDZ-255
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News Flash: New Software Script That Will Change The Way You Do Business Online. Get Ready Because Your About To.....

Discover How A New Powerful Software Helps 19-Year Old Marketer Boost His Product Sales By Over 400 Literally Overnight, And He Solemnly Swears (Under Oath) That His Cool Little Tool WILL Help YOU Do The Same"


Instant Sales Booster

Instead Of Making Them Think Twice, They Just Go For It and Sales Start Coming In Like Hot Cakes!

Finally, a brand new script that gives you the opportunity to increase your current conversion rates and see a huge boost in sales!

Here Are 10 Amazing Benefits You Will Receive When Grabbing Your Copy Of Instant Sales Booster Today!

Youll be able to create unlimited coupons for all your websites from one central location.

Step By Step Videos that take you by the hand and shows every thing you need to know in order to install the script properly.

You will be able to add / delete / modify coupons from your admin panel any time you like.

Receive emails every time one of your coupons are being used.

As the admin you will be able to track where each of your visitors are coming from and how they got your coupon code.

Set a certain amount of times each coupon can be used.

Set expiry dates on coupons after which they will not be available for use any longer.

Be able to preview each of your coupons and test them.

You will be able to change the look and feel of the site simply using a sandwich-style header/footer with the graphics, CSS etc. of your choice

Plus So Much more!

Standard Requirements: You must have a Cpanel/MySQL and (phpMyAdmin - to be able to install the script. If you have access to cpanel these are most likely available already.

I Have Put In Special Features So You Can Get The Most Out This Script!

Here is a small sample:

Setting Expiration Dates On Each Coupon: This feature allows you to input a specific date when coupons will expire. Have you heard of creating a since of urgency? Thats what this option creates each time you share the coupon code with your prospect.

If your prospect knows that they only have a certain amount of time to benefit from the coupon they will more then likely decide to take advantage of your offer sooner so they dont miss out on anything.

Limiting The Amount Of Coupons That Can Be Used: This feature is made specifically for testing in comparison with the Expiration feature. You can take half of your prospects and send them to a page where you have your coupon set to expire on a specified date.

Then you can take the other half and send them to another page where you are limiting the amount of coupons that will be given out to see which one converts the best.

Statistics Page: This allows you to view where all of your incoming traffic is coming from and also gives you the option to view:

The date that a visitor visited your coupon
Which IP address was used
If the coupon was successfully used
What coupon was used
Selective date ranges

You Have To Be Completely Out Of Your Mind If You Dont See How You Can Benefit From Instant Sales Booster.

I Mean, who doesnt want to:

1. Convert more of your prospects into buyers.
2. Have a fully automated script taking care of business for you!
3. Increase your sales by 400 or more.
4. Have access to unlimited coupon codes.
5. Have prospects buying more of your products over and over again.

Obviously your going to have a hard time trying to find a script like this because the truth is: There Are None Like It.

Even if you do find one that has as many features as Instant Sales Booster has to offer then I bet the owner is going to charge you an arm and a leg.

So say good bye to the same old prospects who are not willing to give your product the time of day.

Say hello to new drooling prospects that can't wait for your emails just to get their hands on that special discount code.

Act Now And Receive Two Amazing Bonuses!

Bonus #1:

Videos Tutorials

In addition to gaining access to step by step videos that show you how to install Instant Sales Booster Properly.

You will also have online video tutorials that take you by the hand and show you exactly how to use every feature that Instant Sales Booster has to offer.

You wont have to worry about getting use to the script because I will be there every step of the way to speed up the process.

Bonus #2:

Free Updates

Since this is a one-time invest I will provide you with FREE updates.

Every time there is a new version of Instant Sales Booster, you will be the first to know.

Right after you make your purchase, you will be required to opt in with your name and email address to our update list so you can be on top of our current version.

All you have to do is stay subscribed to my update list and you will gain access to each new version totally FREE!

News Flash: New Software Script That Will Change The Way You Do Business Online. Get Ready Because Your About To..... Discover How A New Powerful Software Helps 19-Year Old Marketer Boost His Product Sales By Over 400 Literally Overnight, And He
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