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URL Cloaking Software With Resale Rights

URL Cloaking Software With Resale Rights PLDZ-251
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Cloak URL
Protect all you affiliate links, protect all your web links, protect all your sales pages, in fact protect any link you use on the net from hi-jackers.

This software will save you lost commissions and sales from URL hi-jackers.

Dear Friend,

Please take a moment to read the information in this offer, please do not scroll to the end and delete the page or you will miss out on the best offer being made for such a powerful Cloaking product.

If you are an affiliate you will have no doubt lost commissions because Hi-Jackers have replaced your affiliate ID with their own Affiliate ID and then completed the purchase, making YOU lose the commission on that sale.

There are other instances where Hi-Jackers have stolen your commission sales by replacing your Affiliate ID with their own and then forwarding your advertisements to their own lists and gaining commission on sales that should be yours.

Now is the time to act and stop URL hi-Jacking on your site and on your Affiliate links.

Cloak URL is one of the best but most importantly, simple to use cloaking tools on the world wide web.

Cloak URL is a simple to install piece of software that will turn your long, and often easy to identify Affiliate links into easy to read website links, the software takes your existing links and places it inside another link (Encrypted) on the front end. You always have control of the link as you are the creator.

The software is also useful for encrypting web pages you create, as it randomly generates a cloaked link, which you can set up on your website.

This product is excellent value for money, and although you will find plenty of cloaking facilities on the internet, most are web based and allow you to encrypt an URL which you copy and paste or write down to remember.

Cloak URL is desktop driven as it is your software, it also generates the link and saves it into a file folder making it easy for you to retreive and also easy for you to upload to your website or attach to marketing emails.

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This product has been created with YOU the user in mind, so the interface is easy to use and the process of uploading to your own websites sites or integration into your emails is kept to the minimum key strokes.

You will find that having your own desktop control over creating the cloaked URL's means less time spent online like you have to do with web based services. And the ability to make your cloaked URL's anytime, as they are saved onto your drive ready to be used next time you upload to your website or attach to your emails.

* Create Higher Commission Returns - Using this software you are guaranteed to see a higher return on your commissions because your links will be unique to you and will not show your Affiliate ID, which is what the Hi-Jackers use to steal your commission from sale.

* Protect your Identity - Thieves and Hi-Jackers will leave your URL's alone because they cannot identify the Affiliate link they are looking for.

* Easy Desktop Operation - The software sits on your desktop and is ready to work when you are, no need to go online, to create uncrackable links.

Until I bought this software I was losing commissions, however since my investment in this product I have seen my commissions rise - Thank you Cloak URL.

Alan Jones Online Marketing

* Save time online - Less time spent online creating links, leaving you more time to upload your prepared links to your website's or integrate into your email marketing strategies.

* One time payment - No further fee's required, the one time low cost of this product secures your ownership of this software.

* Pay's for itself - When you see the increase in commission returns you will agree this product pay's for itself over and over again.

I was using online Url cloaking software, until I became aware of this product, I have nothing against the online stuff. But this makes the process of cloaking my url's much easier as I can work on the move.

Keith Back Office Sales

* No more lost commission on sales - Most importantly you will reap the benefits of your hard work and not create the ability for other's to benefit from you.

1. Desktop based URL Cloaking Software, its yours to keep.
2. No need to be on the internet when creating your URL.
3. Protect your commissions from Hi-Jackers.
4. Protect your links from unscrupulous thieves.
5. See an increase in your commissions.
6. One payment and the software is yours.
7. No more having to log on to create new Affiliate link URL's

Resale Rights Included.
Affiliate URL Cloaking Software Cloak URL Protect all you affiliate links, protect all your web links, protect all your sales pages, in fact protect any link you use on the net from hi-jackers. This software will save you lost commissions and
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