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Buy and Download   > Description All because you now have more top rankings throughout your market and all of your pages get into the search engines at lighting speed. Even the hardest to attract search engine, Google, often visits and indexes blog content in mere days.

For this reason, blogs have taken off like wildfire. In practically every market, blogs are being used as a marketing tool to dominate the search rankings.

So, why are so many of them abandoned soon after theyre created?

Well, along with the positive, theres a also a dark-side many blog owners face

How In The World Do You Find The Time To Keep Them All Updated?

Writing content is hard work!

First, youve got to come-up with a topic your audience wants to hear about (which often leaves you staring at your computer, wasting your time, while you wait for a good idea to hit).

Then, it takes hours to create good content that your readers find valuable. And, if you dont feel comfortable writing, then some posts might even take all day to create!

This leads most to commit blogacide and abandon their blogs. Sure, its easy keep them updated for the first month or two. But, then new projects come up and the excitement declines for the old.
If You Have Multiple Blogs, Then Constantly Updating Them Makes You Feel Like You Never Get To See The Light Day!

Instead, you have to work around the clock missing opportunities to spend time with your families and friends as well as, new business opportunities that have the potential of doubling your current monthly income!

Your time is far too valuable to be spent working on blogs everyday. Not to mention, there are far more exciting things to spend your time on.

Yet, at the same time, the benefits blogs have to offer are amazing.

More top rankings, loyal readers, and getting your pages into the search engines as quickly as possible so you can take home bucket loads of more cash from each of your current projects.

So, What In The World Is A Hard Working Web Entrepreneur Supposed To Do?

Well, let me introduce you to a new SEO tool called Blogging Ninja.

Blogging Ninja is a web based software script that allows you to automatically gain fresh, relevant content in your own personal blogs.

It works by using the power of RSS (Really Simple Syndication) to allow you to offer your readers fresh content from blogs and news sites around the web.

Best, of all, you dont have to pay a dime for this content because it is readily available for the publics taking.

You Just Set It Up Once For Each Blog and Presto Youre Done!

All of the blogs you want (in potentially thousands of markets) get fresh content as soon as its available. You dont have to lift a finger or pay a dime.

This then allows you to capture top rankings because you have keyword rich content (a key consideration search engines use in deciding which keywords your blog entries show-up for).
Finally, You Have An Option To Get Your Pages Into The Search Engines With A Technique Search Engines Encourage.

Thats because youre now posting valuable content their searchers are going to stop to read. And when this happens.

Then, you increase your sales and ad revenue because you have more readers who stick around and click on your ads.

Additionally, youre delivering fresh, up-to date content. This is what search engines love to suck-up and rank high in mere hours or days.

Simply put, youre growing the most valuable asset a website can have (your content) at warp-speed!

Lets Take A Look At Exactly What Blogging Ninja Allows You To Do:

* Easily input ads into your new blogs to generate AdSense revenue, affiliate sales using banners or text ads, or promote your main product or service. New sales and ad revenue are only moments away from entering your bank account!
* Increase your chances of capturing top rankings for an always growing amount of blog entries to explode targeted traffic to your website!
* Get your pages into the search engines fast so you can start making money from them as quickly as possible, instead of letting them waste away for months.
* Save your valuable time because you no longer have to manually write content to keep your blogs updated. Easily maintain potentially thousands of blogs in practically any niche without being an expert!
* Use other peoples expertise to profit. You dont have to know squat about a market to start a blog and take it over!
* Post different author names automatically so each post looks like its being made by a different person. Make a big impression on your readers by having your blog look like you have an entire staff managing it!
* Avoid the time consuming task of writing content for your blogs. Now, the benefits of blogs are given to you automatically So you can spend your time on new and exciting projects!
* Enjoy automatically updated content. As soon as new articles or news items from the sources youve selected are published, your blog is updated!
* Receive fresh, ready-to-go content for your readers to devour. By adding quality content to your Blogs, search engine traffic is going to stick around to read your content and click on your ads!
* Test out niches to avoid flops and find out if theyre profitable. If you cant generate enough traffic or affiliate sales from a market, then you can get-out before you spend your valuable time creating a product for it!
* Use this content as a replacement for your normal entries when youre on vacation or have too much your plate. Now, youll never lose visitors and sales, when youre enjoying yourself or just too busy.
* You dont have to take the time to install Wordpress, or sign-up for other third party blog hosts It includes its own blog.
* Set-up one time for each of your blogs and forget-it. Everything is taken care of for you!
* Gain control over your blogs look and feel to set them apart from the rest. Change the header color, background color, site color, and the blog title to your liking.
* Without editing a lick of HTML code, quickly add 5 outside links to any website you want from your blogs. This insures that readers and search engines will flood-in to all of your sites!
* Upload keywords you want to target rankings for from your personal search tool (Such as WordTracker or Overture). This means youre going to gradually capture the top search engine terms youre after, not just leave it up to chance!
* Post a random number of entries for a more natural feel. You wont have the same amount of posts each day, which can make it appear like a computer is in control of your blog.
* Alert search engines to suck-up your blog entries and visit website links from your blog by inputting and automatically pinging a list of ping URLs each time a post is made.
* Randomly organize your posts to different categories in the blog - so it mirrors actual human blogging trends.
* Run CRON jobs - this means your copy cuts on at pre-defined times each day. And, the content delivery process is fully automated for each blog and you dont have to touch it again!
* Grow the most valuable asset a web business can have loads of fresh relevant content! Youre going to slowly amass a fortune in top rankings!
* Plus, so much more!

All because you now have more top rankings throughout your market and all of your pages get into the search engines at lighting speed. Even the hardest to attract search engine, Google, often visits and indexes blog content in mere days. For this
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