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CRPS Survival Guide - 70 pages - v2.26

CRPS Survival Guide - 70 pages - v2.26 CRPS0002
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This PDF documents the author's 15 year battle with the impossible pain of CRPS and gives you the road map that he used to get out of pain and win his life back again. He is now 98% pain free and lives a totally normal life again - living, loving, traveling and laughing! It isn't magic. It is the result of 15 years of interviewing leading experts on CRPS in his travels in Europe and the USA and a desperate, massive non-stop research effort to determine his options before killing himself. This document gives you everything you need to augment your doctor's treatment plan to help you win your life back and includes many studies and options which you can share with him/her to dramatically improve your quality of life.

"The well researched CRPS Survival Guide is the best money we have spent since being diagnosed" -Paula C.
"The CRPS Survival Guide is easily worth the cost." - Steve L.R.

$29.95 - 70 page expanded edition for private use - everyone who is NOT a professional health care provider AND does not plan to use the information for commercial use may purchase this option.

This 70 page document includes:
1) A foreword by Dr. Goehmann.
2) Polypharmacy 2.0, including pages of notes on medications, doses, CRITICAL dosage windows, and supplements (including one supplement you should NOT be taking), as well as the MOST IMPORTANT SUPPLEMENT with references and the rationale for this!
3) Information on the BRAIN DAMAGE which chronic pain causes and why you and your doctor MUST treat you NOW with a full spectrum of medications, supplements, diet changes, and rehabilitation! If you want to keep your mind and prevent possible severe brain damage, you MUST get this document now! I also have a link to the specialist's video who discusses this! Chronic pain is a DANGEROUS game! It CANNOT go untreated! You MUST show this to your doctor NOW.
4) Many CRITICAL dietary tips which are ESSENTIAL to recover full function with your body and nervous system. If you don't know the difference between an omega-3 fatty acid and an omega-6 fatty acid is and precisely where these are in your diet, then you MUST have this. Doctors do not have dietary training, which is why they NEED this as well, and every doctor and health care provider who treats pain needs this document. My research has even convinced Dr. Goehmann to change his diet!
5) Many links to revolutionary videos by top experts in the field of neuroscience, diet, depression which you MUST watch to keep your family SAFE from the industrialized food industry and false 1995 notions of healthy eating.
6) rehabilitation recommendations with a link to what I consider to be the most important rehab article on the internet of all time by a man who rehabs some of the USA's best athletes - AND YOU NEED THIS!
7) IF you are considering a bisphosphonate infusion, I have tips on what you need to do to make your bisphosphonate infusion really count including tips the doctors in Italy gave me before I went. Because of the nature of your immune system, you may only have *ONE* shot at this treatment
8) A new section on "Scrambler Therapy"
9) A list of the 10 most important studies that I discovered in my 15 years of doing research on CRPS so you can turn your doctor into your ally
10) A list of CRPS doctors in the USA. Dr. Goehmann's contact info. Contact info for bisphosphonate infusions in Italy.
11) Amazing news from Britain on a breakthrough treatment for auto-immune diseases which seems to have worked wonders for Multiple Sclerosis. There is hope among some members of the medical community that this treatment will also work for CRPS because of similarities between the two diseases. 

70 pages of research with endless notes and references mapping my climb out of hell for ONLY $29.95. A bargain!

If you have questions or have any problems downloading the document, email me at the email shown in the video and put CRPS in the email title, so I know it is not junk mail.

THIS SURVIVAL GUIDE IS NOT A REPLACEMENT FOR A DOCTOR!!! GO SEE ONE NOW! The statements on this site have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. The product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

Please note that I am telling you to see a doctor because I am legally required to. However, in 2000 and 2003 when the entire Israeli health care system went on strike for 3 months (each time), the first people who complained were the morgues. When the numbers people analysed what happened, they discovered that 10% to 15% FEWER people died! Only ONE hospital was shown to be helping its neighbourhood. This amazing event was reported in the British Medical Journal and shocked my girlfriend in training to be a doctor to the core. It changed her perspective on her future career -- and surely turned her into a better doctor.

This PDF documents the author's 15 year battle with the impossible pain of CRPS and gives you the road map that he used to get out of pain and win his life back again. He is now 98% pain free and lives a totally normal life again - living, loving, tr
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